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Without the sun's rays to charge this weapon's capacitersIn-game spelling, this gun can't light a match. However, in full daylight, the experimental photo-electric cells that power the Scorcher allow it to turn almost anything into a crispy critter.In-game description, Fallout 2

The Solar Scorcher is a unique energy weapon in Fallout 2. It can be found as loot at the special encounter Guardian of Forever.


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The Solar Scorcher is a special laser pistol that uses sunlight as its energy source.[1] In full daylight, the experimental photo-electric cells absorb light and allow the weapon to fire up to six shots, after which it must be reloaded.

This rare weapon was seen in the armory of Vault 13, prior to the events of Fallout in 2161.[2]


A major benefit of this weapon is that it utilizes free and unlimited ammunition derived from sunlight. Further, there is no AP cost associated with reloading this weapon. However, the weapon can only be recharged while exposed to sunlight or bright light. Being in a dark environment (e.g. outside during nighttime or in a cave) will prevent this weapon from recharging.


  • The Solar Scorcher was originally going to be included at the Environmental Protection Agency, but the location was cut.
  • The word "capacitor" is misspelled in the weapon's description.





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