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You're uhh... you're not giving up on finding Polly, are you?

Sol, short for Solomon, is a roboticist and frequent patron of the Wayward. He considers Polly, an Assaultron, to be his "bot-sis."


Sol, a friend of Duchess, saw how she had been treating Polly more like a Protectron, a servant to be bossed around. Sol managed to convince her that Polly was "a lot more than that," seeing "a real lady" in her.

While searching for Crane's treasure in Gauley Mine, Sol and Polly were overwhelmed by Scorched, and Sol took a bullet to the leg. Seeing him go down, Polly went berserk on the Scorched, but ended up losing her head, disconnected from her Assaultron body. When the player character discovers Sol, he is lying injured in the mine, worried that he may have caused harm to Polly.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Other interactions[]

During Strength in Numbers, Sol is found in Gauley Mine wounded from the Scorched attacking him. Giving him a stimpak to recover from his wounds, he heads back to the Wayward, but asks the player character to locate Polly and make sure she makes it out of the mine as well.

Once back at the Wayward, when the player character returns with what's left of Polly, he and Duchess ask the player to head over to Summersville to the Duncan & Duncan Robotics shop to find a new body for Polly. Once the player returns with having planted Sol's beacon on Polly's new body, he follows Duchess and the player character upstairs, only to be shocked when Duchess reveals Crane to the player character, and Crane has succumbed to the Scorched Plague, yet still retains some of his humanity. After the player character decides on whether Crane should be killed or spared, Duchess and Sol have the player character check out Gauley Mine for the treasure Crane was referring to.

When the player character returns with the treasure, depending on if they made a deal with the Free Radicals, Sol, Duchess, Mort, and the others in the Wayward will be held at gunpoint by the Free Radicals. After convincing their leader Roper into either leaving in peace with his men, or kill them, Sol will thank the player character for their help getting the Wayward on its feet and the Free Radicals off its back, and can be visited at any time to see how things are going since being helped out by the player character.


  • Strength in Numbers: Sol must be rescued in the mine as part of this quest. The player may see an alternate scene if Polly's head is found first than if the mine's exit is explored first.
  • The Elusive Crane: Sol and Duchess will discuss Crane in his room. The player may encourage Sol to put Crane out of his misery. If the Free Radicals were joined, Sol will also be held hostage as part of the quest and will fight back if the Vault Dweller decides to betray the gang.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Surveyor outfit Pipe revolver x1 .45 rounds x30


  • When meeting Polly, she claims Sol is in his early twenties, though also mentions he is, "rough around the edges."
  • There is a rare conversation that can occur between Sol and Duchess. She will call Sol over to her and he will walk towards her and this conversation will play:
    • Duchess: "You know I appreciate what a fine marksman you are, right? And the work that goes into that?"
    • Sol: "Uh oh. What'd I do wrong?"
    • Duchess: "Next time you're honing those skills of yours, you mind taking it further up the river? Out of range of our guests' quarters?"
    • Sol: "Oh god. No one was hurt, were they?"
    • Duchess: "Not this time. Just take it up the road from now on?"
    • Sol: "Of course. Of course, Duchess."
  • Other conversations may also occur:
    • Sol talks to Duchess about a man who may intend to kill her.
    • Sol talks to to Mort about Jide.
    • Sol talks to Polly about how he thought he encountered the Flatwoods monster but got scared and ran.
    • Sol talks to Polly about food. Sol mentions he found something but is not sure what it is, but guesses bread. Polly walks over to Sol to take a look, is horrified by it, and tells Sol he should burn it.
    • Sol notes to Mort how talented Duchess was with helping his leg. Duchess enters the conversation and she reveals she was an ER nurse.


Sol appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes[]

Script notes reveal that Sol could have died as part of the storyline with other characters lamenting his death.