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The soil survey tapes are three holotapes in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.



Soil survey tape #1

This is Caroline Saunders, principal geological chemist, for Bysshe natural gas survey MD-16-001.

Sample set one shows promising concentration of bio-gas in mostly limestone substratum of wetlands. No exact levels yet, but this site should exhibit more than enough extraction potential to meet survey goals.

I'm going to leave a couple of interns here to handle the minutiae, but it's a formality. I'll move on to other sites now to make sure this isn't an aberration. Consider this my authorization signature on Sample Site One.

Soil survey tape #2

Caroline Saunders speaking, principal geological chemist on Bysshe natural gas survey MD-16-001.

Preliminary results from Sample Site Two are promising; we're posting similar concentrations as in the first site. Similar bio-gas makeup here as well, including a few organic compounds that I'm not familiar with.

We've also discovered heavy lye residue in a naturally-formed chamber at this excavation site. Lucky we were wearing caustics gear to begin with, or somebody might have suffered some serious chemical burns. I'd like to analyze the site further, see if there's any connection between these compounds and the lye deposits.

My tech is telling me he needs a couple of hours to work on our ventilator unit. I suppose I'll move on to Site Three in the meantime.

Further analysis is for my own curiosity, anyway. This is my authorization signature on Sample Site Two.

Soil survey tape #3

What in the world have we tapped into? Sample Site Three is showing bio-gas concentration off the charts!

Wetlands substratum is surprisingly dense limestone at all excavation sites, and we've had no trouble locating naturally-formed chambers. This and the dense calcite formations suggest that subterranean water flow has eroded a vast network of caves and grottoes throughout the region. Mapping these will be a monumental effort, and necessary to fully uncover the bounty of natural gas resources captured down here.

What I don't understand is the amount of lye residue we're encountering. I'm going to try and touch base with some of my academic contacts and see if we can find any precedent for it. We'll have plenty of time to work that out, though; I've no doubt Bysshe will want to set up shop here and drill their little hearts out.

This is principal geological chemist Caroline Saunders, for Bysshe natural gas survey MD-16-001. Consider this my authorization signature on Sample Site three. Far as I'm concerned, this is a prime location for bio-gas harvesting, and a treasure trove for some field research.

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