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Snuffles is a friendly, but injured mole rat living in Sloan in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Snuffles is a tamed mole rat living in Sloan, who manages to keep the morale up,[1] even though the quarry workers cannot work because of all the deathclaws in the nearby quarry. She has an injured leg, which results in her limping.[2]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Claws Mended: Snuffles is a mole rat that seems to have a damaged leg. With a Medicine check of 30, the Courier can heal her leg. This will gain some NCR Fame if Chomps Lewis is informed of the good deed. The Courier can also stop by once in a while to ask her how things are going.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Mole rat meat


  • Killing Snuffles will result in NCR Infamy.
  • Because of all the nearby deathclaws that sometimes stray into the town and attack the occupants of Sloan, Snuffles can be killed, making Claws Mended impossible to complete, if not done so already.
  • Moira Brown of Fallout 3 wondered if mole rats could be domesticated. Snuffles, along with Pumpkin from Fallout 3, Noodles from Fallout 76 and the Animal Friend perk, prove that they can.
  • Snuffles will turn hostile if the Courier is disguised as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, even if the Courier has made a truce between NCR and Brotherhood during For the Republic, Part 2.
  • Snuffles will be hostile if the Courier has a bad reputation with the NCR and can see through disguises.
  • Snuffles may be attacked by a bark scorpion if it spawns too close to town. Snuffles will usually kill the scorpion and survive the battle, only to succumb to poison later.
  • Despite his alleged hatred of all types of rats, Rex will not attack Snuffles.


Snuffles appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

At some point during development, Snuffles was described as being male instead of female.[3]


  1. Courier: "I noticed you have a tame molerat."
    Chomps Lewis: "Yeah, he - or she, I guess - wandered into camp a couple of months back. Seemed friendly enough. Ugly-looking thing, but the guys like having it around. Good for morale and all that."
    (Chomps Lewis' dialogue)
  2. Courier: "I fixed Snuffles' leg."
    Chomps Lewis: "I'd noticed Snuffles limping, but I didn't realize the problem was that serious. Thanks - that beast helps keep spirits up around here."
    (Chomps Lewis' dialogue)
  3. Injured molerat