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This is a transcript for dialogue with Snowflake.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Oh... OH! Hey! Look at that! A human! With hair! Hey... you think we can do something about that? 1
GREETING Happy 50 I just sharpened the knives! Have a seat and we'll give you a new look! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Good to see you again! You ready for some more of the ol' snip-snip? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey! You here for a cut? Maybe a buzz? Mohawk? C'mon! Something! 4
MS14Crowley What can you tell me about Mister Crowley? Disgust 50 I know he doesn't sell Jet. Bastard. 5
Neutral 50 You want to know about Crowley? Go ask Quinn or Greta. I don't follow the gossip around here like they do. 6
UnderworldSnowflakeDrugs Are you taking Jet over here? Neutral 50 Well... yeah. So? What else do I have to do except get high? 7
Neutral 50 You think that I need to be sober to cut a Ghoul's hair? Half the work is cutting the skin off. 8
Neutral 50 These guys don't care how they look anyway. They just humor me. 9
UnderworldSnowflakeGreeting1 About what? My hair? Neutral 50 Yeah, man! That's what I do! I cut hair! 10
Neutral 50 I know, I know, you look around here and there ain't a lot of work to show off, right? 11
Neutral 50 These corpses only got half a head of the stuff, so I never get a chance to work on a full head! C'mon! No charge! 12
UnderworldSnowflakeGreeting2 You stay away from my hair. Neutral 50 Oh, c'mon! I don't ever get to work on an actual human! 13
Neutral 50 I'm good! I promise! I'll take a few puffs and I'll give you the best haircut of your life! No charge or anything! It'll be fun! 14
UnderworldSnowflakeHaircut How about a haircut? Neutral 50 Now we're talking! What do you need? 15
How about a haircut? Neutral 50 Are you serious? Well alright! Let me get my knives! 16
How about a haircut? Neutral 50 Alright! A full head of hair to work with! What should I do? 17
How about a haircut? Neutral 50 Sorry. I'm way too gone to cut hair right now... maybe later? 18
UnderworldSnowflakeStory How does a Ghoul end up as a barber? Neutral 50 I prefer "stylist" myself, but whatever works for you. Everyone has a gift, you know? 19
Neutral 50 I used to live in Rivet City. Folks there had enough money for me to do okay. But after I... uh... changed, no one would let me touch them. 20
Neutral 50 I ended up here. Of course, a Ghoul with a barber shop makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine so... fuck it. 21
Neutral 50 I just took up Jet. At least it passes the time, you know? 22


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Remember: no charge! 23