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For an overview of sniper rifle models in various games, see Sniper rifle.
A DKS-501 Sniper Rifle. Excellent long range projectile weapon. Originally .308, this one is chambered in the more common .223 caliber.— Fallout 2 In-game description

The DKS-501 sniper rifle is a long range projectile weapon featured in Fallout and Fallout 2.


This rifle allows the user to cause extreme damage to enemies from very long range, especially if the player character has the necessary attributes to induce the more destructive critical hit effects. Despite the telescopic sight, the sniper rifle does not suffer from the same reduction in accuracy when enemies close in as the scoped hunting rifle.

The sniper rifle boasts good damage, excellent max range, and ammo for it is quite common. It has two glaring flaws, however: it has a small ammo capacity and costs an extra AP to fire. This means targeted shots, although accurate, can take up to 7 AP to fire.



Fallout 2Edit

  • At the east section of Vault 15, looted from Karla, a woman guarding Chrissy.
  • Next to a corpse outside Sierra Army Depot, just inside the gun turrets' range.
  • Very commonly found carried by mobsters in random encounters around New Reno.

Behind the scenesEdit

The sniper rifle, unlike most of the rest of the game's weapons, has a reused sprite: the Wattz 2000 laser rifle uses the same basic sprite, lacking a scope and having several wires jutting out. It also lacks the sniper rifle's long barrel, though retains the barrel shroud.



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