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[[uk:Снайперська позиція]]
[[uk:Снайперська позиція]]
[[es:Nido de francotirador]]

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The sniper's nest is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


The sniper's nest is made of three rusty metal sheets with two for the sides and one for the roof. There is enough room for one person to sleep while another is on duty. When facing Cottonwood Cove from inside the structure, there is a Very Hard locked gun case to the immediate left. There is also a small camouflaged tent immediately in front of the nest with a perfect view of the entire Cottonwood Cove area.

Notable loot


  • This location is mentioned in the note Sniper nest location which can be found in Camp McCarran. The note states that whoever alerted the Legion should get out immediately, due to its location near Cottonwood Cove. The note also states that there will not be weaponry at the nest, yet the Gobi Campaign scout rifle is found here.
  • Even though the location is high enough to recon on Cottonwood Cove, it is hard for a sniper to kill everyone outside, since the map cell the player character is in may not register all Legion troops.


The sniper's nest appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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