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You don't take kindly to raiders, junkies, or tribals trying to "settle" or "stay alive" in civilized lands. Against dirty raider and junkie types as well as Zion's tribals you do +15% Damage and have a bonus to hit in V.A.T.S.Honest Hearts description

Sneering Imperialist is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Taking this perk grants a 15% damage boost and a 1.25x accuracy multiplier in V.A.T.S. when attacking members of certain groups, such as tribals, raiders, Fiends, and Great Khans.

Affected characters[]

Although the perk's description only mentions raiders, junkies, and Zion's various tribals, which non-player characters the perk affects are actually determined by the non-player character's "race" (referring to a game-specific setting rather than perceived racial makeup). This covers a number of groups/factions in their entirety:

In addition, a number of other groups are partially composed of members of the specified race designations:

Finally, a few named non-player characters are covered by this perk:

Interactions that require the Sneering Imperialist perk[]


  • As opposed to similar perk Fight the Power!, most "tribal" enemies tend to be weak in the later stages of the game, so the relative merit of taking this perk is more dubious.
  • In the image, the Vault Boy appears to be wielding a hunting rifle, and the dead person below him is a Fiend, as shown by the trademark helmet.
  • The perk image is similar to that of the Arizona Killer achievement image, only in that image, the Fiend is replaced by President Kimball and the Vault Boy is wearing a Vault jumpsuit instead of a military outfit and wields a hunting shotgun instead of a hunting rifle.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The image and name are a reference to the Age of Imperialism, which involved nations from Europe along with the United States conquering the vast majority of the world during the 19th century and transforming them into colonies.
  • One of the references for Brian Menze was the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell, centered around a British Army soldier serving in the Napoleonic Wars.[Non-game 1]
  • In color, the soldier standing on the dead Fiend is wearing the 19th-century uniform of a British soldier.



  1. Dead Horse Disciple of Canaan: "Hoi! Owslandr zookah Joshua Graham?"
    The Courier: "[Sneering Imperialist] If you're too dumb to speak my language, you're too dumb to talk to me. Get lost."
    Dead Horse Disciple of Canaan: "Shaiss! Would kill you myself, but Joshua says no harm to visitors until harm done to us. Go, owslandr. Meet Joshua. We see how long you talk like that."
    (Dead Horse Disciple of Canaan's dialogue)
  2. Salt-Upon-Wounds: "Outman! Kuna-man mad! He kill all White Legs! You talk! You stop!"
    The Courier: "[Sneering Imperialist] Whatever. Joshua, put a cap in General Gobbledigook here."
    Salt-Upon-Wounds: "Baika-ker! You devil!"
    (Salt-Upon-Wounds' dialogue)


  1. Joshua Sawyer on Something Awful Forums: "The Sharpe's series was used as one reference for the artist who made the perk icon (Brian Menze)."