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Become whisper, become shadow.

Sneak is an Agility-based perk in Fallout 76.


Decreased chance to be detected when sneaking.


Rank Description Form ID
1 You are 25% harder to detect when sneaking. 0004C935
2 You are 50% harder to detect when sneaking. 003896FC
3 You are 75% harder to detect when sneaking. 000B9883


  • Sneak stacks with the passive scaling bonus provided by the Agility stat.
  • Sneak stacks with the Improved Sneaking Legendary armor effect.
  • Sneak stacks with Calmex.
  • Escape Artist completely eliminates the noise generated by movement, which synergizes with Sneak.
    • The proc ability, which temporary cloaks the player upon crouching and resets detection to [CAUTION], allows the player to easily evade detection when combined with Sneak.
  • Wearing power armor disables the effects of this perk at all ranks.


Sneak only affects the basic sneaking stat, and has no impact on the other elements of the sneak equation:

  • Sound detection (movement, weapons)
  • Light exposure

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