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The smuggler's shack is an unmarked location in Point Lookout. It is located on a small island, directly south of the Point Lookout Lighthouse.


The shack is an open, rusty, red metal structure, with a bed pressed up against the north wall. A rock forms a windbreak on the west side, with the south and east sides open.


The shack is inhabited by one respawning smuggler of random appearance, armed with a sniper rifle.


  • Similar to Arkansas, the lone smuggler will snipe at the surrounding islands with reckless abandon if the player character walks towards them, even if they are undetected in Sneak mode.
  • Should the player character approach the shack while sneaking, a scripted frag grenade will be thrown at them.
  • If the player character approaches the island (by swimming) from the rear side, the smuggler will not shoot them, because there is no line of sight between the smuggler and the player character. This allows one to sneak up on the smuggler without taking any damage.
  • Watch out when leaving the underground lab through the hatch; the smuggler will instantly shoot from the shack.


The smuggler's shack appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.