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The smuggler's confession is a holotape in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

The holotape is the recording of a smuggler named John Adlam, who is confessing to thievery at "the group's claim". He goes into detail that he is to be shot by his brother Richard Adlam, after his father, Joseph Adlam gave consent. He also explains, that with his execution "the punishment will be exacted and the Adlam name will be avenged."


On the corpse of John Adlam, near Herzog Mine on the edge of the cliff.


Ok, ok... I'll do it... Just point that thing somewhere else.... My name is John Adlam, the son of Joseph Adlam, brother of Richard Adlam. Two days ago, I was caught stealing from the group's claim... Today, with the consent of my father, I am to be shot and killed on the cliffs of the old Cathedral by the hands of my brother Richard. With my execution, my punishment is exacted and the Adlam name will be avenged. Let my punishment be a reminder to those who may be tempted to do as I did.


  • In the player's notes list, the name of this note seemingly changes to smuggler confession.
  • Due to the way the game's scripted events are handled, John Adlam is alive before the player finds him. When the player activates the trigger, Adlam is killed and gives the illusion of a corpse falling from above. If the player fast travels to Herzog Mine, it is possible to see the smuggler on the ledge before he dies. It is possible to reach him by climbing around and under the plank on which he stands. As this was not meant to happen, he does not have dialogue.
  • It is not possible to save the life of this condemned smuggler; killing his executioner (presumably his brother, Richard - if the holotape recording is accurate) with a well-placed headshot causes his head to explode anyway, as though he has been hit by the double-barrel shotgun blast he was about to receive.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 When approaching the cathedral from Haley's Hardware, you may find the smuggler walking around at the bottom of the cliff. He will be marked as friendly. Once you get a certain distance from him, his head gets blown off. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 The smuggler might be found outside the door to Herzog Mine upon exiting Herzog Mine, crouched (cowering) in "fleeing" mode. Pickpocketing him shows that he is carrying a frag grenade, police baton, and the smuggler's confession. Talking to him once he stops fleeing leads to a bar that normally highlights dialogue coming up, but with no dialogue at all, at which point the dialogue option automatically ends. If you shoot him, he becomes hostile, and on death he will have the exactly the same inventory that you pickpocketed from him before, including the Smuggler Confession holotape. [verified]