Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Smooch is a chem developed by Marty at the Reservation in 2253. Smooch is a greasy, green goo.

Ingestion and EffectsEdit

Smooch is either wrapped in thin paper and smoked, baked into bread and eaten, or simply eaten raw. The taste is so horrid that even a ghoul would probably vomit after eating it. Smooch combines an extreme mellowness, beyond the point of apathy, with an intense ecstasy. Smooch is notable because it has exactly the same effect on ghouls as on normal humans. An anti-toxin for smooch potentially exists, but isn't created without the help of the player character.

The Prisoner and SmoochEdit

Smooch was a key component in several quests the Prisoner could undertake, mostly involving selling or distributing it. The Prisoner could sells smooch directly to the Scaven Pickers, and use Yuri Polivich or Dusty Heart as distributors to sell smooch to the citizens of Hoover Dam. It was even possible for smooch to completely ravage Hoover Dam if the Prisoner decided to sell smooch through Yuri, and never created an anti-toxin.

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