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This page is about the character of the same name who also appears in Fallout. For the Hub character, see Smitty (Hub).
For other characters of the same name in the Fallout series, see Smitty.

If you ever get back this way, you might want to look me and Smitty up. We might be able to help you out with some adjustments to some of your equipment. Smitty can work wonders with certain weapons, and I can help out with certain sorts of armor.Miles

Smitty is the blacksmith of the Adytum around 2161.


Apart from fixing things, he makes bullets and tools for the Hub merchants. He is also credited for creating The Smitty Special.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
40 Weaponsmith.png
This character can modify weapons.

Plasma rifle

Effects of player's actions

After fixing the hydroponic farms, he can upgrade a plasma rifle to a turbo plasma rifle as a reward.


* The sprite set Smitty uses does not have appropriate graphics to use weapons of this kind.


  • Similar to Killian, the random number of bottle caps in his inventory will reset every time a game is loaded or upon entering the area, but differs in amount of bottle caps in his inventory (500-800 caps).
  • Smitty can be killed during the battle with the Regulators. If this happens, the Vault Dweller will be unable to upgrade the plasma rifle to the turbo plasma rifle.


Smitty appears only in Fallout, and is referenced in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal through the name of the unique plasma caster the Smitty Special.