The small ranch is the only habitable house left in Springvale. You can reach it by heading north from Megaton, following the road. The house is located a block away from the Red Rocket gas station, across the street from a destroyed house. The house is occupied by Silver, an ex-prostitute from Megaton.



The ranch faces east. The front entranceway is protected by a canopy. At the rear of the house, there is a covered porch. The house can be entered from the front, or the rear.


It has two rectangular rooms. The first room is used by Silver as a kitchen and pantry. In this room, there is a first aid box, a garbage can, a refrigerator, and an oven. Silver uses the other room as a bedroom. She has an active radio in this room set to the Enclave channel. This room contains a bed and a cabinet.

Notable lootEdit

One piece of scrap metal on the bottom shelf in the kitchen area.

Related questsEdit


  • Silver's home to the right can also be used as a potential "farming" spot for enemies, particularly any nearby Enclave patrols. If they are chasing you and you go inside Silver's house, they will follow you in there and can be killed inside the home, and will respawn in 72 hours inside the house.
  • Note that all items are marked as owned and you will lose Karma for stealing them.


The small ranch appears only in Fallout 3.


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