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The small ranch is the only habitable house left in Springvale, north of Megaton. The house is located a block away from the Red Rocket gas station, across the street from a destroyed house. The house is occupied by Silver, an ex-prostitute from Megaton.


The ranch faces east. The front entranceway is protected by a canopy. At the rear of the house, there is a covered porch. The house can be entered from the front, or the rear.

The inside of the house has two rectangular rooms. The first room is used by Silver as a kitchen and pantry. In this room, there is a first aid box, a garbage can, a refrigerator, and an oven. Silver uses the other room as a bedroom. She has an active radio in this room set to the Enclave channel. This room contains a bed and a cabinet.

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  • Silver's home to the right can also be used as a potential "farming" spot for enemies, particularly any nearby Enclave patrols. Enclave soldiers will follow the Lone Wanderer into the house and may respawn inside the house in 72 hours.
  • Note that all items are marked as owned and one will lose Karma for stealing them.


The small ranch appears only in Fallout 3.