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This ain't about some cat in a tree. A lot of us are starving at the end of the dock, we got no hope. They're all either too proud, too sick, or too poor to ask for something. So it's up to me.

"Small" Bertha is a child living in Far Harbor in 2287.


Bertha and her family were among those who had to flock to Far Harbor for safety following the Island once again becoming covered in the Fog. Passing through the fog-covered ruins of the town, they made it to the docks; the only place relatively safe from the radiation and fog dwelling fauna. The Mariner, overwhelmed by the sudden flood of refugees, almost kicked everyone out, then Avery stepped in, effectively establishing the settlement. It was here that Bertha's mother, Peggy, discovered that her great-aunt Candace fled the island for the mainland once her home was engulfed by the fog. Seeking a safe haven for her family, her mother left her two children with their father Mark to travel to one of the Dalton family farms, hoping to trade work as a farmhand for shelter.[1] After Peggy left, she was killed and almost the entire Dalton family suffered a similar fate. Later her father would die as well, leaving Bertha and Tony poor and alone amongst the dregs.

Since then, she has acquired a reputation as the informal leader of the dregs of Far Harbor. Known now as "Small Bertha" (or "Smalls"), she is considered crazy by some, but she is actually a competent, hardened and determined girl.[2] She has watched the Harbormen dwindle as they are forced to leave the island entirely in search of food and shelter. Now with the Far Harbor–Acadia alliance, and with the fog condenser technology, she will enlist the Sole Survivor to help reclaim a lost Harbormen settlement; Echo Lake Lumber, which was abandoned long ago as the fog rolled in.[3][4][5][6] She is unaware that its owner is still alive, the last survivor of the family still clinging to his property, driven insane and cannibalistic.[7]

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Small Bertha appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Behind the scenes

Small Bertha's nickname is a play on the phrase "Big Bertha", a general euphemism for something oversized.



  1. Last note from mom
  2. Small Bertha: "Hey, Mister. Those aren't your boots."
    Harborman: "They're on my feet. Beat it."
    Small Bertha: "My brother's been through enough. Those boots aren't yours."
    Harborman: "Tony's got no right to be here no more. You can't take care of yourself, better you take the Long Walk."
    Small Bertha: "I'm giving you the one warning. Tony gets his boots back."
    Harborman: "Your mom's not around no more, Smalls. I'm not afraid of you."
    Small Bertha: "You might be thinking I'm just a stupid girl, thinking you can take me. But... Everyone's got to sleep. Make things right quick. Or else."
    Harborman: "Shit."
    (Harborman and Small Bertha's dialogue)
  3. Small Bertha: "I have to talk to you. I got 14 1/2 caps. I want to hire you."
    The Sole Survivor: "I'll bite. What's the job?"
    Small Bertha: "Harbormen don't belong on this dock. If we keep clinging here, we'll bleed out and die. To get better, to grow stronger, we need land. Echo Lake Lumber Mill has power lines that connect to the old Wind Farm. If you clear the land, Harbormen can wire up the Condensers. Make it safe from the Fog."
    The Sole Survivor: "How do you know all of this?"
    Small Bertha: "My father was a mechanic. A good one. Before the Fog took him."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "You know, you're quite a remarkable girl."
    Small Bertha: "If you say so, I just don't want this pier to kill what's left of my kin. I know the money's a joke, but if my friends can resettle... I'm sure they'd do anything for you. And owe you big. Please help."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)
  5. The Sole Survivor: "So they send their 12 year old kid sister to negotiate this deal? You better not be pulling my leg."
    Small Bertha: "They've given up. All ready to walk off that pier and put an end to it. I'm not. I know the money's a joke, but if my friends can resettle... I'm sure they'd do anything for you. And owe you big. Please help."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)
  6. The Sole Survivor: "That's his home. He has a right to it."
    Small Bertha: "So you're just leaving us to rot on the dock? For one lousy trapper? Sleep with one eye open."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)
  7. Small Bertha: "Is the Lumber Mill safe now? People are getting anxious. A little... unstable."
    The Sole Survivor: "Who owns the Lumber Mill?"
    Small Bertha: "No one any more. There was a family there. They didn't make it. Why? Did you find anyone there?"
    The Sole Survivor: "There's one survivor at the Lumber Mill. He's a trapper."
    Small Bertha: "One Trapper. I... I think we can handle that."
    The Sole Survivor: "Malcolm says he owns the Lumber Mill. Not you. Was he lying?"
    Small Bertha: "I... We thought he was dead. Been that long in the Fog... Maybe it's better if he did die. We have people here that need a real home. People that think straight. People worth saving."
    (Small Bertha's dialogue)