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Harbormen don't belong on this dock. If we keep clinging here, we'll bleed out and die.

"Small" Bertha is a female child living in Far Harbor in 2287.


Small Bertha is a young female teenager who lives at Far Harbor's rear section closest to the ocean, together with her brother Tony and the other so-called "dregs", the settlement's poorest inhabitants.

Blessed with a mind and character far more mature than one would expect from someone her age, Bertha cares deeply for her fellow citizens regardless of social standing.

In her efforts to improve everyone's lot by pushing back the Fog, she goes so far as to offer the Sole Survivor her entire meager wealth in exchange for the reclaimation of Echo Lake Lumber. She even stands up against Captain Avery's reservations and eventually convinces her to lend her support by providing the returning settlers with fog condensers and material.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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Street urchin rags


Small Bertha's nickname is a play on the phrase Big Bertha, a general euphemism for something oversized.


"Small" Bertha appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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