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The Slumber Mill Motel is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.


Built along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, the Slumber Mill Motel was a roadside rest stop and motel for park tourists. Its owner was Kenneth Jacks, who was nicknamed "Slumber Jack."



The Slumber Mill Motel area is comprised of several buildings to the north and south along Skyline Drive. The motel itself is to the south, connected by a bridge running over the river, and it is a large, two-story building with several open exterior rooms. The front of the motel has a parking lot which is mostly empty, except for a few cars and an unmarked van with a Robobrain head and Vault-Tec metal crates in the back, and two disabled Assaultrons beside it. A nature trail runs to the east of the motel, towards Camp Liberty and the hiking area south of it. A medical supplies vending machine can be found on the east wall of the motel. A pool filled with toxic water is behind the motel, with a single leveled mirelurk inside. The pool also has a doll inside a rubber tire and a broken doll on a waterslide, set up as if they are poolgoers. On the western side of the motel are several dumpsters, one of which has a mannequin with two wooden skis. South of the pool, nestled in some rocks along the cliff, is a duffle bag containing a large quantity of pre-War money. This bag's location is hinted at in the note Hiding out, which can be found in room 3 of the motel.

The motel itself is populated by hostile Protectrons and Mister Handies. The lobby and front desk are in the middle of the building. A floor safe requiring lockpicking skill 2 is below the desk, while the desk has the Slumber Mill's terminal, which requires hacking skill 0. The two rooms to its left (east of it), rooms 1 and 2, are inaccessible, but most of the other rooms can be entered.

The first room to the west is a bar named the Honky-Tonk, which includes a small music stage with a snare drum and an acoustic guitar with the note Nash Hope's set list next to it. One of the bar tables has a bowl of vegetable medley soup on it. Further inside are the restrooms. The one on the right has "Nothing is real" graffitied onto the wall, with the note Public shaming next to it and two doll arms in the sink. The other restroom is locked and requires Picklock 1. A skeleton is sitting on the toilet inside, with a caps stash in the sink and a first aid container on a shelf. A backpack in the corner has a US government supply requisition. Behind the bar counter are stairs leading to the basement, which has various Protectron parts laying around, and a hole in the wall reveals a secret passage hidden behind a bookshelf. Heading down this passage (where a "dead" bubble wall turret can be found) leads to a Vault sliding door, behind which is a small room with an armor workbench and several radroaches. This room has more Robobrain parts, and a robot workbench with a Robobrain resembling Biv can be seen in an inaccessible room. A fusion core can be found on a table nearby. It is not possible to go deeper into the Vault sections: the only other hallway is blocked by rubble, and an elevator found there is out of order.

Back on the ground floor, the next room to the west is a gambling den called the Slumber Mill Motel Casino, with three usable slot machines and a poker table in the corner. A metal cart nearby has seven stacks of pre-War money, while a cashier's cage with a level 0-locked security gate has a caps stash and a safe. Room 3, to the south from the gambling room, is a regular motel room, with a caps stash near the bed and a first aid kit in the bathroom. The note Hiding out can be found on the coffee table.

The other rooms are on the second floor of this section. Room 4 is just around the corner from the stairs, but is mostly empty. Room 5 is blocked by a police sign and cannot be entered. Room 6 has also been cordoned off, with various police items outside including a ham radio and patrolman sunglasses and a cop cap on a table, but it can still be entered. The room is a crime scene, with a headless skeleton sitting a chair with ropes on the floor and a large bloodstain on the wall behind it. The notes Debt collection and Slumber Mill Motel poker tournament can be found in this room.

The roof of the one-story area of the motel can be accessed from a wooden plank on the second floor. Behind the motel sign is a campsite with a dead park ranger and minor loot. The higher western roof cannot be accessed without jumping boosts such as a jet pack, though it has little of note except for a pompadour wig in what appears to be a bird's nest.

Red Rocket[]

The area to the north of the motel is a Red Rocket gas station populated by the Lost. The Red Rocket itself has a stash box, a first aid kit, and a floor safe behind the checkout counter. Various pre-War food items can be found in the room. Outside, to the west, is a parked flatbed truck with an inaccessible government aid drop with two nearby raider corpses.

A bus is parked at the stop on the west side of the road, while a truck has crashed at the entrance to the gas station parking lot. The truck has a blue metal crate with Vault-Tec metal crates, and the words "SAVE US" graffitied on the outside. The building to the east here is a diner which is completely boarded up. The note Betty's diner on the door identifies it as Big Betty's Diner, which was closed down for supposed illegal activities happening on the premises. A restroom building to the south is also inaccessible, but has planks allowing access to the roof of the Red Rocket. A dead attack dog can be found on the Red Rocket roof, as well as a tent, a cooler, and a duffle bag. A table next a chair overlooking the government aid drop has the note Supply run.


Underneath the concrete bridge leading to the Slumber Mill Motel is the skeleton of a woman stabbed with a Bowie knife, floating on a log. This woman may be the deceased writer of the Mother's last note, found in an abandoned stroller along the riverbank east of the motel.

Notable loot[]

  • Hiding out - Note, in room three on the first floor, on a coffee table.
  • Nash Hope's set list - Note, on the floor of the stage in the bar room, on the first floor.
  • Debt collection - Note, in room six on the second floor (the crime scene), on a bed post.
  • Slumber Mill Motel poker tournament - Note, in room six on the second floor (the crime scene), on top of a dresser.
  • Public shaming - Note, in a bathroom on the first floor, tacked next to some graffiti.
  • Betty's diner - Note, at the unmarked diner across the street from the motel, attached to the walls near the boarded-up entrance.
  • Supply run - Note, on the roof of the Red Rocket gas station across the street from the motel.
  • Mother's last note - Note, found in a stroller along the riverbank east of the motel, approximately near the waterfall.
  • Potential magazine - North of the motel, inside the Red Rocket gas station, on a magazine stand by the door.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - In the poker tournament room, on a desk behind the locked (Picklock level 1) security door.


The Slumber Mill Motel appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Behind the scenes[]

The Slumber Mill Motel would have been involved in a cut quest that was part of the Skyline Valley quest line (prefix Storm_MQ12). It would have involved the Vault 63 engineering sector, which is currently only mentioned and not actually seen in-game. The currently unused, unexplained elevator and Vault-Tec equipment in the basement of the motel was tied to this quest, in which the player would have presumably accessed Vault 63's engineering wing through the motel's basement. This would also explain the various Vault-Tec crates and Robobrain parts scattered around outside the motel.