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Slugger is a Strength-based perk in Fallout 76.


Increasing damage of twin-handed melee weapons


Rank Description Form ID
1 Your two-handed melee weapons now do +10% damage. 0004A0B5
2 Your two-handed melee weapons now do +15% damage. 000E36FC
3 Your two-handed melee weapons now do +20% damage. 000E36FD

Modifies weapons

Slugger affects the following weapons, as well as their unique variants:


  • This perk serves as the two-handed counterpart to the one-handed Gladiator, Expert Gladiator, and Master Gladiator and unarmed Iron Fist perks.
  • This perk works well with Martial Artist, which increases melee weapon speed and decreases weight, and Incisor, which causes melee weapons to ignore up to 75% of armor.
  • It is more beneficial to have some perk points spread out between Slugger and its variants than to put all three in Slugger, since rank one of all three perks increases damage more than upgrading a single Slugger perk multiple times. For example, having three points in Slugger gives +20% damage, but having one point in each of Slugger, Expert Slugger, and Master Slugger gives +30% damage.

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