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A collection of partially digested and extremely disgusting meats.Fallout 3 Official Game Guide

Slop is a food item that is dished out to other slaves in The Pitt by the cook Kai in the marketplace of The Pitt's downtown area opposite Midea's quarters.


While adding a considerable amount of radiation, it restores one of the highest amounts of Hit Points out of all of the food items. According to Kai, it mostly consists of trog meat mixed with the irradiated water.[1] This means that consuming the slop is cannibalism, as trogs are former humans that have succumbed to the environmental conditions in The Pitt.


  • Can only be bought from Kai.


  • Slop is not affected by the food sanitizer.
  • It uses the Pip-Boy icon and world model of noodles.
  • Due to its extreme radiation, it would take a mere 40 servings of slop to kill the consumer (at near zero Radiation Resistance).
  • Kai is the only source of slop in the game. It is only available before completing the quest Unsafe Working Conditions and talking to Midea about fighting in the hole, as she will no longer serve the Lone Wanderer after Ashur's speech.
  • Despite the fact that eating slop is cannibalistic, it is not affected by or related to the Cannibal perk, and does not affect one's Karma level.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What are you doing? Shouldn't you be working?"
    Kai: "I am working. You must be new here. I serve the slop to the other slaves. You want food, let me know. The good news is that this crap is nearly unlimited. But it's mostly radiated water and Trog meat, anyway. You want some or not?"
    (Kai's dialogue)