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Slocum's BuzzBites are a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Slocum Joe's BuzzBites were a brand of prototype doughnut holes never distributed to the general public before the Great War. They were deemed unsafe for human consumption due to being filled with hot coffee and causing third-degree burns.[1]


BuzzBites reduce HP by 10 but provide a 25 point boost to the maximum and current AP and 1 point to Perception for 1 hour. They can be crafted after obtaining the recipe in a safe at Slocum's Joe Corporate HQ.


Oil (1)
Slocum's BuzzBites (1)


Survival mode

Though they possess the keyword for both caffeinated and extra caffeinated, the game doesn't contain any code for applying it. Likewise, though they have the keyword to register as food, the lack of any value prevents it from reducing hunger.


Based on the item files, at one point Buzzbites were going to have their own AP reducing addiction, but it was cut. Cut content

Behind the scenes

Slocum's BuzzBites are inspired by the Dunkin' Donuts "Munchkins" doughnut holes. This can be seen by inspecting the Slocum's BuzzBites aid item, which very strongly resembles the box in which the product is packaged.[2]


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