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Sloane Cao is the head of the Muni Pine Barrens division in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


Sloane is the head of the Pine Barrens Forestry Division,[1] and an old friend of Vin Russo from his Muni days. He describes her job as monster hunting, taking care of any Overgrown that manage to slip into the town from the Pine Barrens, killing them before they can take over the city.[2] Cao thinks of herself in a similar fashion: Her rangers are what stands between the monsters that emerged in the wilderness of the Pine Barrens after the Great War and the lives people built for themselves in Acee after the big one.[3]

Sloane's sympathies aren't distributed equally. She despises the Lombardi Family and on at least one occasion neglected to report an infestation in the Casino Quarter to Timothy Lane, who had to reprimand and order her to take the Overgrown out.[4]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Honor Bound


  • Honor Bound: Sloane plays a major role in the quest, helping Vin Russo in the search for a cure for his sister's addiction.


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Sloane Cao appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.



  1. Vault 76 dweller: "What are the different departments?"
    Frieda Lane: "Let's see now. There's my department, the Power Production and Management Division. We produce electricity and distribute it. I also handle the Water Purification and Distribution Division. Same thing, just with clean water instead of power. There's the Internal Revenue Service. Buttercup heads that. They're in charge of...uh, collecting taxes to keep everything running. They're the auditors you've probably seen around town. Then there's the Agricultural and Caravanning Services. Tim oversees that himself. He manages the output of the farms on the outskirts and ensures the farmers and their farmhands are all properly compensated. Additionally, they distribute food in the city so no one goes hungry. They also trade with the caravans 'round here for essentials. There's the Emergency Services Division. Anna runs that. They're the paramedics and firefighters. Dispatchers. She makes sure every emergency is addressed and that the right people are sent to handle it. Finally, there's the Pine Barrens Forestry Division, led by Sloane. They're basically our park rangers. They handle the Overgrown threat. You won't see them around City Hall much as they spend the day usually scouting the perimeter of the city."
    (Frieda Lane's dialogue)
  2. Vault 76 dweller: "Who is this Sloane, anyway?"
    Vin Russo: "Sloane's a friend, a former colleague. She works for the city, doing "street cleaning." Oh, it's not what you're probably thinking -- she's a monster hunter. She and her crew take care of any Overgrown that slip into town from the Pine Barrens. She kills things. Bad things, like Overgrown, mind you. You'll get along great."
    (Vin Russo's dialogue)
  3. Vault 76 dweller: "You said you were fighting 'Overgrown.' What are those, exactly?"
    Sloane Cao: "You really must be new here. Think plants, but mutants. They creep over everything and everyone, devouring it all. Their spores infect things and turn them into mindless drones. They've always been out there in the Pine Barrens, ever since the war. It's our job to keep them out of the city proper so the people here can enjoy the lives they've made for themselves."
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