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The sleeping bag is a constructible workshop object in Fallout 76.


An ochre-colored sleeping bag, with a zip along the side. They can be found in settlements, pre-War buildings and in makeshift shelters throughout Appalachia. They can be used to rest and recover health.


The sleeping bag is located under Furniture → Beds in the workshop.

Cloth (3)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Atomic Shop purchase Atom
Respective Atomic Shop purchase
Learned from plan/recipe
Respective plan for version
Sleeping bag (1)


Form ID clean / regular
Appearance Description
Atom American flag sleeping bag
003EBEBC / 0047F43B
Atx camp bed sleepingbag americanflag l.webp
Atom Bottle and Cappy sleeping bag
003EBEBD / 0043E634
Atx camp bed sleepingbag bottleandcappy l.webp
Atom Camden Park sleeping bag
003EBEBE / 0047F432
Atx camp bed sleepingbag camdenpark l.webp
Atom Camouflage sleeping bag
003EBEBF / 0047F433
Atx camp bed sleepingbag camoflauge l.webp
Atom Grafton High sleeping bag
003EBEC0 / 0047F434
Atx camp bed sleepingbag graftonhigh l.webp
Atom Grognak sleeping bag
003EBEC1 / 00482C7C
Atx camp bed sleepingbag grognak l.webp
Atom Inspector sleeping bag
003EBEC2 / 0043E635
FO76 Atomic Shop - Inspector sleeping bag.png
Another night's rest, protected by... The Inspector!
Atom Jangles sleeping bag
003EBEC3 / 0047F435
Atx camp bed sleepingbag jangles l.webp
Atom Legend of Mothman sleeping bag
003EBEC4 / 0047F43C
FO76 Atomic Shop - Mothman sleeping bag.png
Hide from the gaze of the Mothman in this comfortable sleeping bag.
Atom Manta Man sleeping bag
003EBEC5 / 00482C7D
Atx camp bed sleepingbag mantaman l.webp
Atom Mistress of Mystery sleeping bag
003EBEC6 / 00482C7E
Atx camp bed sleepingbag mistressofmistery l.webp
Atom Nuka Cola sleeping bag
003EBEC7 / 0047F436
Atx camp bed sleepingbag nukacola l.webp
Atom Nuka Cola Quantum sleeping bag
003EBEC8 / {{ID|00482C7F
Atx camp bed sleepingbag nukacolaquantum l.webp
Pioneer Scout sleeping bag
Daily Ops Poodle sleeping bag
003EBEC9 / 0047F43D
Atx camp bed sleepingbag poodle l.webp
Atom Princess castle sleeping bag
003EBECA / 0047F43E
Atx camp bed sleepingbag princessbag l.webp
Limited-time Princess castle pink sleeping bag
Atom Raider sleeping bag
Atom Red Rocket sleeping bag
003EBECB / 00482C80
Atx camp bed sleepingbag redrocket l.webp
Atom RobCo fireman sleeping bag
003EBECC / 00454DD4
Atx camp bed sleepingbag robcofireman l.webp
Atom Silver Shroud sleeping bag
003EBED0 / 003EBECF
Atom Sugar Bombs sleeping bag
003EBECD / 00454DD5
Atx camp bed sleepingbag sugarbombs l.webp
Atom Vault-Tec sleeping bag
003EBECE / 00454DD6
Atx camp bed vaulttec l.webp
Twitch Prime sleeping bag set
FO76 Twitch Sleeping Bags.png
Settle down for the night with your choice of five different sleeping bags!
Fallout 1st Survival tent's sleeping bag