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The sleeping bag is a constructible settlement and world object in Fallout 4.


An ochre colored sleeping bag, with a zip along the side. They can be found in settlements, pre-War buildings and in makeshift shelters throughout the Commonwealth. They can be used to rest in order to wait for time to pass and/or recover health. It can also be placed by the Sole Survivor in settlements for settlers to sleep on.

Survival mode

In Survival mode, the sleeping bag can not be slept on for more than three hours at a time, nor can it reduce an existing sleep-related fatigue state below "Weary". It can prevent increases in the sleep fatigue state, but only if used before the increased state occurs (14 game hours since last sleeping). Any attempt to sleep beyond the three-hour limit is prevented by the game. Like any sleeping in Survival Mode, there will be a check for the contraction of an illness. This check is made in the first hour of sleeping and is not increased further by sleeping for longer. Multiple sleep sessions will, however, increase the chance of contracting a disease, though only because additional checks will be made (one per session).


The sleeping bag is located under Furniture → Beds in the workshop.

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