For an overview of sledgehammers in Fallout games, see Sledgehammer.


The sledgehammer is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The weapon consists of a long wooden shaft and a metal hammer head.

Special attack

It has a special Mauler attack that does 50% damage in V.A.T.S. at the cost of 10 more Action Points, but also has a chance to knock down enemies (requires a Melee skill of 50).

Type of attackSkill requiredDamage per attack in V.A.T.S.Action point costDamage per action pointAdditional effects
Mauler5024480.5Knockdown chance
Note: Melee weapons do double normal damage in V.A.T.S.

It is possible to execute Mauler outside of V.A.T.S. (without the required Melee skill of 50 to perform the move) by initiating a power attack (hold attack button) while moving forward.


The sledgehammer can successfully strike about 745 times from full condition before breaking.



This weapon is affected by the Heavyweight perk.


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