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Sledgehammers are primitive weapons, used as tools before the Great War. Although not usually considered as a powerful weapon, a strong person can wield one of these like a club, vastly increasing the damage he causes to his opponent when he hits.


Large sledgehammerEdit

Fo1 Sledgehammer
Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2

A large sledgehammer with big handle and head, and a black color. Often used by thugs in southern California.

Demolition sledgehammerEdit


A sledgehammer is used in heavier working conditions, such as industrial areas or for breaking ground. It consists of a long wooden shaft and a metal hammer head. This sledgehammer was common throughout the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave Wasteland, the Commonwealth and Appalachia.

Mill sledgehammerEdit


A sledgehammer formerly used in Carbon Mill in Texas.

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