Slayer of Beasts is an Fallout 3 achievement on Xbox 360 and PC and a trophy on PlayStation 3.

It is granted for killing 300 creatures.

A creature is basically anything living that isn't human, or isn't a non-player character.


  • Don't go out of your way to complete this. The amount of creatures met along your journey will greatly surpass 300, just play the game as normal and you will eventually receive this award.
  • (PC Only) If you just want this achievement and don't care about cheating, just open the console and type "player.placeatme 0001CF7C 25" this will spawn 25 creatures at a time. Kill them all, and repeat as many times as needed until your goal.
  • The Capitol building is a brilliant place to bring you closer to this achievement/trophy as it is full of super mutants and is also the location of a super mutant behemoth.
  • Aim to kill as many radroaches as possible in the vault at the start.
  • When looking for monsters to kill, you will probably find lots of raiders to help with the Doesn't Play Well with Others achievement.
  • DC is packed to the brim with creatures of all shapes and sizes.
  • Robots, radscorpions, super mutants, bloatflies, trogs, and feral ghouls all count toward this achievement.
  • Near the Mall Southwest there are several radroaches that can be easily killed. You may find around 10 radroaches. If you wait 73 hours they will respawn.
  • Mole rats are a good kill because they are common, attack in swarms, and above all are easy to kill.
  • The Dunwich Building is a good place to boost your numbers as feral ghouls will count towards this.
  • The Area near the Lincoln Memorial is also a good place as several radroaches will spawn one one side and a pack of wild dogs will spawn on the other. Also the super mutants in the Mall will count towards this as well.


  • You can check how many creatures you have killed by going to the Stats section of the Pip-Boy 3000 and going across to General.
  • A list of "creatures" that can go into the count can be found here.
  • Killing feral ghouls will result in a creature kill. Non-player character ghouls, like any other non-player character, are not counted as 'creatures'.
  • The knife in the achievement is actually transparent instead of white, as when you hi light it, it turns green (Xbox 360).
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