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There's two kinds of people who get into Paradise Falls. Slaves and Slavers.Grouse

Slavers are individuals in the Capital Wasteland that engage in the slave trade.


Slavery is a significant contingent within the economy of the area. Paradise Falls is a slaver compound, and several quests feature slavery as either major or minor elements, such as Head of State and its association to slavery and Abraham Lincoln's role as the 'Great Emancipator.'

Additionally, the Lone Wanderer can capture people to sell them to slavers. The Lone Wanderer can even buy a slave, Clover, who will then serve as a bodyguard. The Wanderer does not have the option of activating or defusing the explosive collar of Clover.

The number of slaves presents compared to the number of slavers is remarkably low, meaning that the slaves are being shipped off somewhere. It is revealed by Wernher that many of these slaves are being shipped off to work at The Pitt in the DLC of the same name.

By starting a slave escort to Paradise Falls, a random encounter may trigger with a group of slavers that cannot keep up with the number of slaves they have to bring to Eulogy Jones, so they try to kill the Lone Wanderer to eliminate the competition.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Effects of player's actions

Slavers are generally not hostile to the Lone Wanderer as long as they are not provoked with hostile dialogue responses, but attacking them can make the Paradise Falls slavers permanently enemies with the player character. The exception to this is that a few jealous slavers may randomly attack the Lone Wanderer for making them look bad. In this case, the Paradise Falls slavers will not act as if they ever heard of the slavers being killed.