Slave to the Blues is a song by Ma Rainey featured in the Project V13 teaser. It was likely to appear in the game itself as well, before it was canceled.


Ain’t robbed no train, ain’t done no hangin’ crime. (x 2)
It's that I'm a slave to the blues, grievin’ 'bout that man of mine.

Blues, please tell me, do I have to die a slave? (x 2)
Do you hear me pleadin’, you’re gonna send me to my grave.

If I could break these chains an’ let my worried heart go free. (x 2)
But it’s too late now, the blues have made a slave of me. (2)

You see me ravin', you hear me cryin'
Oh Lord, this wounded heart of mine

Folks I'm a‑grievin' from my head to my shoes
I'm a good‑hearted woman, but still I'm chained to the blues

Teaser videoEdit

Fallout Online Beta Sneak Preview Trailer

Fallout Online Beta Sneak Preview Trailer

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