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Slave Snitch is an unmarked quest in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


In multiple instances where information can be obtained, the Lone Wanderer can stop by and talk to Brand, who is sitting down near the entrance to the Mill. He mentions he trades information to Ashur in exchange for time off. He asks that if the Lone Wanderer learns anything, they should pass it along.


There are 5 pieces of information that can be given to Brand:

  • "I'm here to find a cure for the mutations."
  • "I'm from outside The Pitt. I'm here to help free the slaves."
  • "Midea is helping Wernher."
  • "Wernher is trying to free the slaves."
  • "Marco is making weapons." (This option kills Marco instantly.)


For each piece of info given, the Lone Wanderer receives 2 stimpaks, 25 XP and negative Karma.


Ultimately, this quest has little effect on the outcome of the storyline of The Pitt.