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Skylanes Flight 1981 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


On the morning of the Great War, the airliner was approaching Boston Airport from Chicago with several passengers and crew on board. When Boston was struck by nuclear bombs, the shockwave of the blast crippled the plane.[1] In desperation, the pilots attempted to land the plane on a nearby highway.[2] It instead collided with the overpass and crashed hundreds of feet away. Since the crash, the wreckage has been picked over by generations of raiders and scavengers.


The main body of the aircraft is in a gulch between two rocky bluffs. The plane seems to have broken apart into several pieces, including two wings and three fuselage sections. The cockpit section's lower area consists of cargo and baggage areas. The cockpit section is accessible by some debris on the left side through a hole in the hull, where the Sole Survivor can gain access to the passenger compartment. The left and right wing of the plane are entirely snapped off.

This area may spawn two random opposing factions, which may attack the player character if they have a negative standing with any of them. Alternatively, this area may spawn hostile scavengers including raiders, super mutants and the Children of Atom. The factions will respawn randomly every few days, as will the loot containers.

A Gunner outpost can be found on the collapsed highway southwest of the crash site. If the miscellaneous quest Meet Ness at the Crash Site is active, the crash site is the location of the secret compartment Ness wishes to liberate from raiders.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • If this location is visited after completing Reunions, The Brotherhood of Steel may occupy the area after killing the raiders, super mutants or Children of Atom.
  • If the secret compartment is looted without first taking the quest from Ness, one can inform her that it has already been found. She will be surprised and continue on her way, which doesn't allow completion of the quest.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated upon approaching the main part of the wreckage from the west.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "I'm bettin' we pry some good salvage out of this wreck... if the Raiders haven't gotten to it first."
Codsworth "Unfortunate. The passengers could have easily survived this crash. Not so sure about the fallout."
Curie "Surely there is a working airplane somewhere. To study the world from above would be very illuminating."
Danse "This plane is amazingly intact. The pilot must have executed an impressive landing."
Deacon "And those things flew in the air? No thanks."
John Hancock "How the hell did something this big stay in the airborne?"
Nick Valentine "No blast burns on the plane. Plenty of foreign rubble nearby. The nukes didn't take this down. That highway did."
Piper Wright "Can't believe the shape this thing is in."
Preston Garvey "Look at that... Must have been in the air when the war started. What a way to go."
Robert MacCready "I can't believe this airliner was stupid enough to be flying during the war."
X6-88 "I can't think of a worse way to die."


The Skylanes Flight 1981 appears only in Fallout 4.



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