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Skylanes Flight 1665 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Skylanes Flight 1665 is the location of a pre-War airplane crash site. The flight was approaching Boston from the southwest, and was in the process of lining up with the runway when the nuke struck to the north. The plane was hit by the shockwave of the blast,[1] causing its left engine to fail and ignite and resulting in the crash.[2] The aircraft hit a protruding object during its descent, causing the left wing to shear off and breaking the fuselage into two pieces, which slid some distance away from the severed wing. The wreckage can be located by activating Relay tower 0DB-521 within the Glowing Sea and following the Skylanes 1665 Mayday radio signal with the Pip-Boy's radio.


This location consists of a crashed airplane in the Glowing Sea. The broken remains of the plane are scattered over a small area. Two suitcases and a first aid box are in the separate left wing, a duffle bag is in the smaller fuselage section nearby to the east, and another suitcase is south of that section.

The large section containing the cockpit and the right wing has two suitcases on the ground outside to the northwest, and two trap doors, a steamer trunk, three more first aid boxes, another duffle bag, and another suitcase within (with some of these containers only accessible through holes on top of the section). The trap door behind an overturned cart southwest of the stairs up to the cockpit leads to a "storage compartment" containing one Novice-locked wooden crate, one Novice-locked suitcase, one unlocked suitcase, and the circuit breaker to turn off the mayday signal. The trap door to the side of the stairs up to the cockpit will not open; however, entering the area beneath the door through an exterior hole in the fuselage on the northwest side allows access to five more suitcases and a Master-locked hidden compartment.

Notable loot


  • The storage compartment provides complete protection from the radiation and other dangers of the Glowing Sea.
  • The hidden compartment must be targeted at its far right rather than its center.
  • This crashed aircraft is more intact than any of the other known jet airliners in the Commonwealth, and is the only one to have one of its wings still attached. It also still features intact seats, luggage, instruments, and electrical systems.
  • This crashed aircraft is one of three aircraft wrecks in the Glowing Sea. The others are a Vertibird to the north, and an unmarked Stingray Deluxe south of the Crater of Atom.
  • Despite having Skylanes markings on the fuselage and right wing, the vertical stabilizer on the left wing bears Horizon markings.
  • The Skylanes Flight 1665 final transmission found on the flight data recorder and the Skylanes 1665 Mayday radio signal seem to contradict each other. The final transmission does not mention any engine failure, but only the sudden flash of the atomic bomb followed by silence, implying the aircraft crashed immediately afterward. However, in the Skylanes 1665 Mayday radio signal, the pilot has a conversation with Boston Airport, discussing landing procedures but making no mention of seeing the atomic bomb; one engine then suddenly catches fire, leading to the crash. Even the voice of the pilot seems to be different between the two recordings.
  • The pilot was somehow able to witness the nearby nuclear explosion without being blinded by the flash.


Skylanes Flight 1665 only appears in Fallout 4.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Flipping the circuit breaker in the storage compartment may not turn off the mayday signal until you select the signal in your Pip-Boy again.[verified]