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That's us! We're the meanest gang in town. Actually, we're the only gang. But nobody messes with us.Sherry

The Skulz are a gang in Junktown.


They do Gizmo's dirty work, and basically anything else they want. Vinnie has a deal with Killian Darkwater - the Skulz do not bother Killian and he does not bother them as long as they keep it low-key. The Vault Dweller can put a stop to their activities for good in a quest given by Lars.

The leader of the gang is Vinnie, and other notable members are Victor, Shark, and Sherry. Their name is a pun to the word "skulls."


The Vault Dweller can become an honorary member of their gang if they steal Neal's urn to prove themselves, and are greeted like a friend by Vinnie if they helped kill him.

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The Skulz appear in Fallout.