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Should've left it alone, Nicky. This ain't the old neighborhood. In this vault, I'm the king of the castle, you hear me!?

Skinny Malone is the leader of the mobster-themed Triggermen gang headquartered at Park Street station in the Boston Common in 2287.


Skinny Malone and his crew inhabit the station and the Vault-Tec vault (Vault 114) located underneath. Although he is very short-tempered and relies on the comfort of the women he's with, he is still hesitant when it comes to decision-making, especially if a woman leaves or doubts his integrity.

Like the other Triggermen, Malone has based his appearance and persona on that of old pre-War Chicago mobsters. He is known to keep a "black book" of people whom he is angry with, with three strikes across the name meaning the person is likely to be killed. According to Nick Valentine, Malone was a small time player who was eventually driven out of the "old neighbourhood" by more powerful gangs.

Malone has an old rivalry with synth detective Nick Valentine, but despite this the pair have a measure of respect for each other. Out of respect for his old rival, Malone orders Valentine to be held captive rather than killed outright when the detective is captured while attempting to retrieve Malone's most recent lover, Darla. Valentine had been hired due to Darla's parents' mistaken belief that she had been kidnapped, rather than having run away to be with Malone.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Effects of player's actions

  • Upon meeting him, the Sole Survivor also meets his lover, Darla. Two Charisma checks are possible with Darla; a harder check to convince Darla to turn on Skinny and attack him, or an easier check to convince her she's wasting her time with Skinny and should return to her parents. If the Sole Survivor asks what is happening between the two and Nick, two Charisma checks of equal difficulty will be available with Malone instead. Both of these checks, and the Charisma check to convince Darla she should return to her parents, give the same result if successful: Darla will flee the Vault and Malone will give the Sole Survivor and Nick a ten-second count to leave before he and his men turn hostile and attack. Failing any of the Charisma checks cause Malone, his men, and Darla to turn hostile.
  • If the player character had previously provided Mama Murphy with Jet in order for her to use "the Sight," she will recite a passphrase to the Sole Survivor to be used in this situation. If the Sole Survivor reminds Malone of the old days by saying, "remember the quarry and Lilly June on the rocks," he will concede and give Nick and the Sole Survivor a ten count to leave.
  • If he is not killed, Skinny can also be found wandering the Commonwealth. He will tell the player character that he blames them for his crew leaving him. Occasionally, he will be found attacking a caravan.


* At higher levels, Malone carries an assault rifle instead of a submachine gun.


  • If Malone finishes counting and player character is still in his line of sight, he will turn hostile, regardless if the Sole Survivor is sneaking. If the player character leaves before he's done counting, it's possible for Skinny and his goons to stay at the entrance of the vault and, if the player character returns later on, Malone and his men will turn hostile.
  • Like most single-map NPC enemies, Malone's stats are generated from one of a number of predefined presets based on the player character's current level. Malone always spawns one tier higher than the highest level Triggerman that can normally appear at the player character's current level (i.e. if level 25 Triggermen spawn when the player character enters Park Street station and Vault 114, Malone will spawn with level 37 Triggerman stats).
  • Like other Triggerman NPC enemies, Malone has innate Damage Resistance despite his lack of proper armor.


Skinny Malone appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Skinny Malone pays homage to the gangster Al Capone, who lived like Malone, down to their weight and owning an iconic underground vault. Malone's gang claims Vault 114 as turf, while Capone had a clandestine vault built under Chicago's Lexington Hotel, which was famously opened in a widely-viewed 1986 TV special, in which, ironically, nothing important was found.


Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Occasionally, there will be a glitch that renders Malone invincible, despite the V.A.T.S. system showing him being attacked. This may be solved by saving the game and reloading it, or killing him via console commands. [verified]