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Skill book recipes are a group of holotapes in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


A skill book recipe is a unique crafting ingredient found in the Big MT, and used in the creation of a skill book at a workbench. There are only thirteen such recipes in game, one corresponding to each character skill. The recipes are one-time use items consumed during crafting, preventing the creation of unlimited skill books.

Locations of recipes

Skill Book Recipe Closest Map Marker Image Location Description
Barter Signal Hills transmitter Recipes Barter skill book holotape.jpg On the ground to the right upon entering, underneath the bottom of the shelves, next to a piece of scrap electronics.
Energy Weapons Z-38 lightwave dynamics research OWB Energy Weapons skill book.jpg Inside, on the very top catwalk, under the screen of a microfilm reader in the little piece of catwalk that juts out to the left.
Explosives X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch OWB Explosives skill book holodisk.jpg In the Artillery Command Center, on the lip of the main console.
Guns X-7b "Boom Town" target zone OWB Guns skill book holodisk.jpg Inside a footlocker found in one of the small craters. From fast traveling to the location, head forward through fence, third crater on left with the footlocker near the NW corner of the area, after firing the artillery cannon at X-7a "Left Field" Artillery Launch. You must fire the fixed gun located at X-7a "Left Field" first, however.
Lockpick X-13 research facility X-13 stealth testing lab - Lockpick skill book recipe Location.jpg Hidden inside the SW vent in the Reception Observation Area of the X-13 stealth testing lab. Go across the center bridge (the one with the toolbox and footlocker at the end). When reached, look to the left to see a rectangular vent which can be opened by jumping toward it and activating it in mid-air. The recipe is inside along with some random loot.
Medicine Higgs Village Recipes Medicine skill book holotape.jpg In House #103, upstairs in a bedroom, on the shelf by the desk.
Melee Weapons Y-0 research center OWB Melee Weapons skills book holotape.jpg On the roof.
Repair Higgs Village Recipes Repair skill book holotape.jpg Inside House #00. Sandwiched in a rack of old world scientific equipment on the upstairs landing. Look opposite the table with the toolbox, and it is between the lowest two items of equipment.
Science Higgs Village Recipes Science skill book holotape.jpg In House #102 upstairs in the back room, on top of a black box.
Sneak X-13 research facility Recipes Sneak skill book holotape.jpg In the X-13 stealth testing lab, inside the Testing Area, found on the floor of the kitchen area, between the 2 fridges.
Speech Higgs Village Recipes Speech skill book holotape.jpg On top of a radio on the second floor of House #104.
Survival Little Yangtze Recipes Survival skill book holotape.jpg In the northeeastern tent, first to the right when entering from the fast travel point, under the closest bed to the right after entering the tent.
Unarmed Big MT West Tunnel OWB Unarmed skill book holotape.jpg Inside, behind a locked door (Easy) to the right upon entering.

List of recipes


A skill book recipe, when combined with 25 blank books and 2 wonderglues, will produce 1 skill book of the type named in the recipe, consuming all ingredients.


  • In total, it takes 325 blank books and 26 wonderglue to craft all of the skill books.
  • Although the amount of skill book recipes is limited, crafting all of the skill books still raises your total amount of skill points by 39, or 52 with Comprehension.