The skiing outfit and skiing outfit hat are an outfit set in Fallout 76.


The normal variant of the skiing outfit consists of a long buttoned-up, white coat with two pockets at its bottom placed over a red undershirt. The outfit's pants are the same shade of white as the coat. There are a number of variants that change the colors of the different clothes. One variant consists of navy coat over a black undershirt and orange pants. A second variant consists of a purple coat over a white undershirt and white pants. The final variant consists of a red coat over a white undershirt and green pants. All variants, including the normal white variant, are very filthy and include black buckled boots.

The normal skiing outfit cap is a dirty red beanie. A clean variant also exists, which can be purchased from the Atomic Shop or found in the world. A third variant was avaliable as a reward from Nuclear Winter, which was a blue beanie with white snowflakes and orange flames knitted into the design.


  • Four can be found at White Powder Winter Sports.
  • The purple and white/red and green outfit variants may be sold by the travelling vendor bot Responder.
  • Plans for the skiing purple and white outfit can be looted from a raider corpse at a Hawke's Refuge Revealed random encounter.
  • The clean skiing outfit hat can be purchased from the Atomic Shop for 300 Atom.
  • The clean skiing outfit hat can be found randomly in the world.
  • One clean skiing outfit hat can be found at Sunnytop Ski Lanes, on the lower level, on the middle locker shelf facing the northwestern wall near the counter.
  • The Nuclear Winter beanie was available as a Nuclear Winter limited time reward, requiring 7000 Overseer XP to unlock.


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