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Attain the blood of the Jersey Devil in order to save Abbie Russo's life.

Sins of the Father is a quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


With Abbie Russo dosed up on the Devil's Blood, it's time to find a more permanent solution for the problem. Vin believes that Antonio, his father, knows more than he's letting on.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Return to Atlantic City's flooded city center and meet with Gene to discuss the antidote.
  • Place five pheromones across the center to lure an adult Jersey Devil into the area.
  • Kill the devil and decide whether to harvest some or all of its blood.
  • Return to Gene to create the antidote.
  • Seek out Abbie and give her the antidote.
  • Return to Gene after she makes her decision.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The final quest dealing with the Russos starts back at The Rose Room, where Vin asks the dwellers to investigate his father, Antonio. The confrontation occurs on the upper floor, and Antonio reveals that he has actually feigned his senility, playing dumb to prevent retaliation from Concerta Lombardi, the real ruler of the Lombardi Family back at Atlantic City and his rival for the position of godfather. He then invites the dweller back to his secret room, alone, to reveal his secret.

In the room is a stuffed Jersey Devil, the very same that he once patiently hunted down in the Pine Barrens and learned the secret of the Devil's Blood. Antonio is actually the mastermind behind the creation of the drug, responsible for its creation and the wealth of the Lombardis. Together with Gene, his associate, he also devised a way to synthesize the drug without having to hunt down further Devils.

Problem is, in order to create an antidote, more than just the synthetic drug is needed. Antonio and Abbie agree to head back to Atlantic City to track down the chemist and come up with a way to obtain the Devil's blood in order to cure Abbie. Despite having a target painted on his back, Antonio agrees.

Flooded city center is next. When the dwellers reach Gene and talk to her, she reveals that the Devil Antonio managed to slay was just a juvenile and the sample he has on hand is not potent enough to create an antidote. After a brief discussion, Gene suggests luring an adult Devil to the city center and taking it down. Though horrified by the prospect of clashing with such a monster, Antonio agrees. The next goal is to place five synthetic pheromones across the flooded city center, while fighting off hostile mobsters. The locations are:

  1. [to be added]
  2. [to be added]
  3. [to be added]
  4. [to be added]
  5. [to be added]

Once that's complete, a terrifying cry can be heard across the area. This means the Jersey Devil has arrived and the player has to battle a fully sized, adult Devil. This can be a very tough battle, but one way to cheese this boss is to run straight back out and jump onto the giant statue in the plaza (may require Marsupial serum or a jet pack), since the Jersey Devil can not climb up. The Cold Shoulder is highly effective against it.

Eventually, they finally manage to wound it severely, downing the creature and leaving it vulnerable. Antonio asks the dwellers to harvest its blood, but the old greed shines through and he suggests taking way more than is necessary in order to create an even purer Devil's Blood. With Charisma 8+, the player can shame Antonio into behaving, reminding him of what driven a rift between him and his daughter in the first place.

Once the player harvests the blood (either just enough or a lot), it's time to return to Gene's laboratory. Upon arrival Gene processes the blood into a viable antidote, but it turns out that the person supposed to take it is gone. The players need to locate Abbie Russo who is in a nearby bar.

This is the conclusion of the quest that has three possible outcomes. The ending is apparently decided by the player's choices when talking to the Russos, in particular Antonio Russo:

  • Good ending (confront Antonio and encourage him to become a father for once, persuade him not to harvest the blood): Abbie decides to take the antidote and reunite with her family, after witnessing that her father is at least willing to try and change: "You admitted you were wrong. So maybe it's time I do the same. I never really thought you cared about me. I thought I was as disposable to you as every other addict you wasted. I don't think I deserve special treatment because I'm your daughter. But if I'm going to take this antidote and start a new life, I really want it to be a new life. A new start. No more killing. No more chems. I want a proper family. I don't want to be on my own anymore."
  • Neutral (choose non-committal options): Abbie decides to takes the antidote, but remains in Atlantic City to start a new life: "After everything we've been through, I don't think you have it in you to change, dad. Not now, not ever. I don't want my life to be defined by it anymore. I'll take the antidote. I'll get clean. But after all's said and done? I'm staying here in AC. I don't want to see any of you ever again. It's time I carved out my own path without being weighed down by all of your wrongs."
  • Evil (encourage greed and self-interest, harvest the Devil's Blood): Abbie rejects the antidote and abandons her family forever, disappearing into the wastes. Depending on actions, she may say one of two things before running off:
    • If the player complains about her whining, she says, "You're both the same, aren't you? I've wanted to put my feelings into words for years but never thought I'd find the right opportunity. I don't know how to reach you. It's like I'm the unstoppable force and you're the immovable object. You just won't move. I could mold myself into the perfect daughter, play the right cards... but it wouldn't even matter. Because you'll never change. Maybe I started taking Blood to get you to look at me again, but now? It's the only thing that makes me feel a little less empty."
    • She may also say, but it is unknown what causes this: "I came here for a reason. You know why the past still stings so badly? Because it's not really the past. Nothing ever changes here. It's just one more disappointment and another pain in the heart. So many second chances have just been wasted by you. I did everything to make you love me. I'm only worth my weight in caps to you. Why the hell would I go back to that life? Maybe I started taking Blood to spite you, but man was it the only thing that made life with you bearable! You can take that antidote and give it to someone who really deserves it. Someone who has people who love them, and can make something of their life. But knowing you, you'd rather shove it up your own ass than do something kind. Fuck you, fuck the "Family", and fuck this whole city. You'll never see me again."

After the confrontation with Abbie, the dwellers have to return to Gene and deliver the news of Abbie's decision, then return to the Rose Room for the remaining family members to have a final chat.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with Vin at the Russo's mansion
? Confront AntonioVin wants me to confront Antonio about his feined senility. He's likely upstairs in the Russo's mansion.
? Uncover Antonio's secretI managed to break through Antonio's ruse. He apparently wants to show me some sort of "secret". I should follow him.
? Speak to AbbieAntonio revealed to me that Devil's Blood is formulated from the literal blood of the Jersey Devil itself. I need to speak to Abbie and get her to Atlantic City ASAP to craft an antidote. The news Gene gave us about Devil's Blood probably shook Vin to his core. I should go speak with him at the Russo's mansion and formulate a plan to save Abbie.
? Travel to the Flooded City CenterAbbie is willing to travel to go back to Atlantic City to be cured of her withdrawal symptoms. I should head over there now and meet her and Antonio there.
? Rendevous with Gene and AntonioGene revealed to us that the devil Antonio killed was not the actual Jersey Devil, but just a juvenile. We should formulate a plan to capture the REAL Jersey Devil.
? Spread the Devil pheromones in the Flooded City Center: (#/5)Antonio and I need to venture around the Flooded City Center and place synthetic devil pheromones down in order to lure the Jersey Devil out of the Pine Barrens.
? Listen to AntonioI've placed all of the devil pheromones in the Flooded City Center. I should speak to Antonio now that we're all finished up.
? Follow the soundAntonio and I heard a bizarre, terrifying noise that we can't pinpoint to any known source. I should follow him to the source of the noise and see what it is.
? Defeat the Jersey DevilThe Jersey Devil itself... I have no choice but to fight this creature if I want a sample of its blood.
? desc11?I've managed to severely wound the Jersey Devil. He's still kicking, but just barely. Now would be the perfect opportunity to harvest his blood for Abbie.
? Harvest the Jersey Devil's BloodI need to extract a blood sample from the Jersey Devil. I can either take just enough to make Abbie's antidote, or I can give into Antonio's whims and take even more to sell "purer" Devil's Blood.
? Reconvene with AntonioI ended up taking just enough blood to make Abbie's antidote. Nothing more, nothing left. Antonio may not be happy about it, but I should speak to him anyway before heading back to Gene's lab.
? Return to Gene's labI gave in to Antonio's pleas of greed and took far more blood than necessary. I should reconvene with him before we head back to Gene's lab.
? Question Gene on Abbie's whereaboutsAntonio and I need to head back to Gene's lab to craft the antidote.
? Follow Antonio to find AbbieAccording to Gene, Abbie ran off and is nowhere to be found. Antonio claims that he knows where she might be. I'm not sure where this place is, but I should follow him and find her before it's too late.
? Convince Abbie to get treatedWe managed to find Abbie, secluded off by herself. She seems to be emotionally distraught and not entirely stable. I need to talk to her and see if I can help her sort out her thoughts and feelings.
? Return to GeneIf Abbie was persuaded and decided to return: I managed to convince Abbie to stay with her family and to get clean from her addiction. There's a fair chance she and Antonio may be able to have a proper father-daughter relationship someday. For now, we need to get back to the lab. OR:
If Abbie was persuaded: Abbie agreed to take the antidote, but she intends on staying in Atlantic City after all is said and done. Can't say I blame her. We need to head back to the lab to give her the antidote. OR
If Abbie ran off: All of my actions and choices thus far have been wasted. Abbie ran off without taking the antidote, likely to never be seen again. I have no choice but to return to Gene and deliver the bad news.
?Quest finishedReturning to the labIf Abbie was cured: After all that effort and strife, Abbie is finally cured. Hopefully she can find some peace in her life now. As for me? It's time to head back to home sweet Appalachia. OR:
If Abbie ran off: I told Gene of Abbie's fate. I've done all I can, but sometimes even that's not enough. It's time to go home.


  • PCPC This quest was once bugged. When meeting Abbie in the bar, exiting out of the conversation would softlock the quest. In this bug, the player is unable to talk to Abbie, as interacting does nothing. Bethesda claims they fixed this in a patch.