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This is a transcript for dialogue with Simone Cameron.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 Not now. Slavers are out there somewhere, preparing to attack. 1
Disgust 50 Now, beat it! Hannibal is waiting for you. 2
GREETING Fear 50 What's your business stranger? {Suspicious} 3
GREETING Disgust 50 You again. Don't dawdle. Get in here. 4
GREETING Anger 50 You ain't supposed to be looking at me, to say nothing of talking to me. 5
Disgust 50 Now, beat it! Hannibal is waiting for you. 6
GREETING Anger 50 Goddamn Slavers have the Memorial. 7
Happy 50 As soon as Hannibal gives the word, we're going to charge in there and take it from them. 8
GREETING Fear 50 Stay sharp. The Wasteland is dangerous. 9
GREETING Disgust 50 You don't look like much, stranger. Bet you run from Radroaches. 10
Anger 50 I'm Simone Cameron. Don't fuck with me. Hannibal says I can't shoot you, but I ain't trusting you with a gun to my back. {Emphasis on MY.} 11
GREETING Surprise 50 Are you trying to piss me off? {Emphasis on TRYING.} 12
GREETING Happy 50 It's great to see you again. 13
MS06EscapedSlaveLie I'm an escaped slave. I was told you help runaways like me. <Lie.> Surprise 50 You're the best equipped runaway slave I've ever seen. 14
Neutral 50 Whether you're telling the truth or lying through your teeth, you'll need to see Hannibal. 15
Anger 50 Keep your hands in sight and don't make any sudden moves. I'm coming down to open the gate. 16
What's the story with Hannibal?
Why should I promise to protect this place? Disgust 50 Because if you don't, I get to use you for target practice. 17
So what can you tell me about Hannibal Hamlin? Surprise 50 Why are you asking? 18
Neutral 50 He's the one honest, decent man in the Wasteland. 19
Anger 50 You hurt him and I'll hunt you down and feed you your own liver. 20
MS06LincolnsHead What is that stone head? Disgust 50 God damn rookie. That's Lincoln. He freed some slaves a long time ago. 21
Neutral 50 If you want to know more, come listen to Hannibal give his speech. He does it right after the noon meal. 22
MS06LookingForSlaves I'm looking for runaway slaves. Anger 50 We've got slavers! Grab your guns! 23
MS06MyMistake My mistake. I'll just be going. Disgust 50 Good idea. 24
MS06OutOfMyWay I want to know what you're hiding in there. Now open the damn door. Anger 50 That's some tough talk stranger. You should clear out of here before I'm forced to make you. 25
MS06Peaceful I'm just looking for a place to rest, and maybe do some trading. Disgust 50 Hannibal says I gotta let folks like you in, but that don't mean I have to like it. 26
Fear 50 Keep your hands in sight and don't make any sudden moves. 27
Neutral 50 I'm coming down to open the gate. 28
MS06SlaveStory So, you used to be a slave? Anger 50 Not for long. Me and my merc crew were captured by slavers. 29
Neutral 50 Seven months I groveled and obeyed like a good lap dog. When I saw my chance, I took it. 30
Surprise 50 I had nowhere else to go. Hannibal took me in. He never cared about my past. 31
What are a bunch of escaped slaves doing holed up here?
Aren't you afraid the Slavers will find you? Anger 50 This place is the death of all slavers. Maybe someday the death of slavery. 32
Neutral 50 Hannibal has a plan. We're too small right now, but someday we'll be big enough to take them on. 33
MS06WhatDoYouDo What do you do here? Anger 50 I shoot nosy people. 34
Disgust 50 What the hell do you think I do? I protect this place. 35
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 There is no way that's happening. 36


GOODBYE I have to go now. Disgust 50 Don't let me stop you. 37
I should get going. Neutral 50 <grunt> Right. {sarcastic} 38
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Nothing but gray rocks. Just a lot of gray rocks... 39
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Yeah. Get me a thousand rounds of 5.56. You're a useless puke, Bill. Get away from me. {First sentence is sarcastic. Say number as "five five six"} 40
I have to go now. Sad 50 I don't know, Caleb. Ammo is tight. I shouldn't use it up like that. 41
I have to go now. Sad 50 Hmph. I suppose that little shit isn't totally useless. I'll grab it before I turn in tonight. 42
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 I suppose you aren't as bad as I thought. Most Wastelanders wouldn't have agreed to help us. 43
HELLO Disgust 50 Watch your step. 44
HELLO Disgust 50 You should get your face out of those books and learn how to shoot before somebody puts a collar back on you. 45
HELLO Anger 50 Out of my way, puke. 46
HELLO Surprise 50 Lincoln's head looks good, Caleb. You should be proud. 47
HELLO Anger 50 Thought I saw a Super Mutant out past the road. I took a shot at it, and it ran away. 48
HELLO Anger 50 Out of my way, mutt. 49
HELLO Happy 50 The Slavers will have some goddamn respect for now, huh? 50
MS06AnswerDoor MS06AnswerDoor Anger 50 Let yourself in. You have a key. {annoyed} 51
MS06AnswerDoor Anger 50 I'm coming! I'm coming! {annoyed} 52
MS06GateWarning MS06GateWarning Fear 50 Hannibal is upstairs somewhere. I'm locking the door behind you, so don't try anything. I'm watching you. 53
MS06GateWarning Neutral 50 You know your way around. Just try and stay out of trouble. 54
MS06PackageStart MS06PackageStart Surprise 50 Guess I'd better get some chow. 55
MS06PackageStart Sad 50 I'm going to hit the sack. 56