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Silver Sting is a consumable in Fallout: New Vegas.


Silver Sting is the simplest and easiest poison to create, and one of the more useful ones. It is derived from scorpion venom and is a potent cytotoxin. When injected, it causes a spreading feeling of weakness and considerable agitation of the wound site, causing -2 Strength and causing 80 damage over 10 seconds.

Its Strength-weakening properties make it valuable when facing tough, melee-focused enemies like giant radscorpions, deathclaws, and super mutants. Similar to Mother Darkness, Silver Sting is less lethal than bleak venom in terms of raw damage but remains highly useful and effective. It is the easiest poison to craft, and like all venoms, it can be applied to any unarmed or melee weapon (including thrown weapons) to allow the Courier to poison a target on a successful hit.


This item can be crafted by the player character.

Creation requirements

Silver Sting (3)


  • Can only be crafted at a campfire or on an electric plate.
  • Only fixed location is in a test cell, TestMap01.


One application of poison lasts until the next successful hit (melee or thrown; oddly, a stack of throwing weapons remain poisoned until one of them actually hits).