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For the entire Silver Shroud franchise, see The Silver Shroud (franchise).
For the Fallout 4 side quest of the same name, see The Silver Shroud.

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Death has come for you, evildoer. And I am its Shroud.— Silver Shroud Radio Episode 1, "A Slaying in Scollay Square"

The Silver Shroud is a fictional character and the protagonist of the the Silver Shroud franchise created by Hubris Comics.


He is a mysterious vigilante who prowls the streets of Boston, terrorizing criminals across the city. He is always depicted wearing a long black trench coat with a silver scarf, a black fedora, and wielding a silver submachine gun as his preferred weapon. His former love interest and regular accomplice, the Mistress of Mystery, is a reoccurring character throughout the series.[1]

While the character was popular in the city of Boston, his popularity elsewhere was comparatively lacklustre,[2] though he was considered one of Hubris Comics most popular franchises alongside Grognak the Barbarian.[3] Apart from his own franchise, his popularity led to his inclusion in the Unstoppables comic book with other Hubris Comics properties and even a televised show that was in planning stages in late 2077.

Radio plays

While it's implied that the Silver Shroud featured heavily in radio plays, with actress Shannon Rivers providing the voice of the Mistress of Mystery for 26 years, the only known surviving radio play is his fight against the Mechanist.

The Mechanist story arc is divided into six parts, it begins with the murder of Mayor Murphy in Scollay Square. Silver Shroud and Mistress of Mystery kill a pair of thugs responsible for the murder, only to be forced to flee to the Mistress' hideout after Fat Fahey, local crime boss, wounds Shroud in a confused firefight when he happens upon the scene. Although Shroud recovers from his injuries, they are forced to run as Boston Police surrounds the hideout. The duo decides to infiltrate Fat Fahey's operations to learn of his role in the Mayor's death - after all, nobody casually struts through Scollay Square in the middle of the night. Disguising herself as a bar girl, Mistress convinces one of Fahey's gangsters to lead her into his boss' hideout. Once there, she and Shroud try to interrogate the ruffian, only to be attacked by a horde of mobbots.[4]

They emerge victorious after a desperate battle. Fat Fahey turns out to be a robot. The intrepid duo track down his master's location with the help of a damaged mobbot, who craves revenge on his maker. They find the Mechanist at a pier in Boston Harbor, speaking to an army of robots and planning the wholesale destruction of the city. Before they can act, however, they are caught by robots. Suspended over a pit of fire, they are freed by the vengeful mobbot, who gnaws through the rope. The Mechanist attempts to use Silver Shroud's gun against him, but the bullets bounce off his trench coat, mortally wounding the villain.

In the closing scene, the Mechanist is revealed to be none other than Mayor Murphy, who faked his own death in order to accomplish his plans, using a robot made to look like Murphy to fool observers. After explaining his motives, he requests medical attention, only for his request to be denied by the Mistress of Mystery, who mocks him for not taking into account Silver Shroud's punishment towards evildoers, much to Murphy's confusion. Silver Shroud then proceeds to kill Murphy with his submachine gun.[4]


  • If disguised as the Silver Shroud while speaking to the Mechanist, they will refer to the Sole Survivor as such.
  • Porter Gage will dislike the Sole Survivor using Silver Shroud speech options while he is a companion.
  • John Hancock will emphatically like the Sole Survivor using Silver Shroud speech options while he is a companion.
  • The Silver Shroud has a butler named Jarvey Blake.[5]
  • The Silver Shroud costume can be purchased from the Atomic Shop in Fallout 76 for 800 Atoms. Atom


The Silver Shroud is mentioned in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.[6]

Behind the scenes

  • The quest was primarily designed by Ferret Baudoin, while lead designer Emil Pagliarulo came up with the character of the Silver Shroud and wrote the in-game radio plays.[7]
  • When Silver Shroud infiltrates the mobsters' hideout, one of the mobsters says "holy cannoli," famously said by Robin in the 1960s Batman TV series.
  • The Silver Shroud appears to be based on The Shadow.


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