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The silenced 10mm pistol is a silenced small gun in Fallout 3.


A 10mm pistol equipped with a suppressor, which allows for silent kills if the target is killed with the first shot. This stealth feature comes at the cost of durability and damage, but a sneak attack always results in a critical hit, so the lower damage can be compensated for, especially with the Better Criticals perk.

Firing the silenced 10mm pistol will not increase the chance to be detected unless the player character has a very low Sneak skill. It is therefore useful for killing weaker enemies like radroaches, mole rats, and sometimes even raiders, without drawing attention from other enemies. A high enough Small Guns skill makes it a useful close-quarters weapon in office building type settings, such as the Bethesda ruins and the Museum of History.


A fully-repaired silenced 10mm pistol can fire approximately 333 rounds, the equivalent of 28 reloads, before breaking. This is around 223 rounds fewer than the standard 10mm pistol.


  • 10mm pistol - does more damage than the silenced 10mm pistol, this highly common gun is the first (besides the BB gun) that the Lone Wanderer may encounter in the game.
  • Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol - Carried by Colonel Autumn, the colonel's 10mm pistol is nearly twice as powerful as the regular version.
  • Sim version Operation: Anchorage (add-on) - a sim-only version of the weapon which has been re-skinned to appear newer and less worn. It also differs in health, with a significant 999,150 hit points, essentially preventing the gun from ever degrading. This weapon is not normally accessible outside of the simulation.
  • No ammo silenced 10mm pistol - this strange pistol is only obtainable with the Operation: Anchorage add-on. This variant degrades but has a bottomless magazine.
  • 10mm alloy steel pistol - another version of the weapon was cut from the Operation Anchorage add-on, it differs from the standard 10mm pistol in appearance only, using the same new skin as the sim only version.
  • Sonora Cruz' 10mm pistol - a unique pistol found on Sonora Cruz. It deals 100 damage, but Sonora always flees from enemies, and never uses her pistol.


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10mm pistol 9
Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol 13
Silenced 10mm pistol 8



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