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The signal repeater is a weapon mod for the Gamma gun, Lorenzo's Artifact gun and Zeta gun in Fallout 4.


This mod makes the Gamma gun fully automatic, in addition to increasing its fire rate. Unlike many similar mods of this type, making the gun fully automatic does not come with the cost of making it do less damage.

The Gamma gun being fully automatic has the major ramification that in VATS, the player character will now fire a burst of three shots instead of simply one shot per action. Combine this with the fact that there is no damage reduction for enabling this mod and consider the fact that radiation poisoning is damage relative to a target's health: when this mod is used with either the Deep dish mod, an "irradiated" or "two-shot" Gamma gun, or both, even the hardest enemies with even moderate radiation resistance will be killed in one or two VATS actions.


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