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It's commonly referred to as the "Molecular Relay." I don't understand all the science behind it, but it works. De-materializes you in one place, re-materializes you in another. I'm sure it sounds crazy, but it's a reality.Brian Virgil

The signal interceptor is a set of constructible settlement objects in Fallout 4, that are built as part of the quest the Molecular Level.


Designed by ex-Institute scientist Doctor Brian Virgil, the signal interceptor is capable of hijacking the molecular relay signals used by coursers to teleport to and from the Institute. Once it has a signal, the interceptor substitutes the Sole Survivor for the courser and teleports them into the Institute.


The signal interceptor consists of the beam emitter, control console, reflector platform, and relay dish. These items must be built at a settlement, with the assistance of one the main factions.


Once the signal interceptor plans are given to either Tinker Tom, Sturges or Proctor Ingram, the signal interceptor can be constructed, beginning with the reflector platform, continuing in a specific order. Each of the objects will disappear from the workshop build menu after being built.

Control console Molecular beam emitter Reflector platform Relay dish
  • Biometric scanner: 1
  • Copper: 3
  • Rubber: 2
  • Steel: 5
  • Circuitry: 3
  • Copper: 5
  • Military-grade circuit board: 1
  • Rubber: 2
  • Steel: 10
  • Aluminum: 10
  • Circuitry: 3
  • Steel: 5
  • Cloth: 6
  • Copper: 3
  • Gold: 3
  • Steel: 3

In order to craft all the items at once (not including the required power sources) the total quantity of each component is as follows:


  • All objects that require a power source must be connected to the same power grid.
  • Once the signal interceptor is powered up, and the player has been told to step onto the platform by the NPC operating the interceptor, any contact made between them and the interceptor will stop all movement.
  • The signal interceptor can be placed on a concrete foundation: create a large concrete foundation that is level, place a floorboard on top of the foundation. The emitter component will now snap to the floor on top of the foundation, now remove the floorboard and the base can snap to the emitter.
  • Though the stabilized reflector platform must be built first, the beam emitter may not snap together over the reflector platform as initially placed. If this happens, build the beam emitter wherever the game permits, then snap the reflector platform into its center.
  • Although the quest simply requires all parts linked together in the same power grid, it is better to at least arrange the console close to the platform, within dialogue distance. If the two are too far apart, when the player character stands on the platform, the NPC operator may not be able to start the teleportation sequence. Also, they may start to 'work' on one of the parts that one has already built, making them unable to move the part, nor can one command them to move away. One can try to power off/on other parts (by attaching/detaching wire) to lure them off the part one wants to move.
  • If the faction leaders keep saying that "it all needs to be connected to the same grid" even if all the pieces are correctly placed and lined up, removing and replacing them will often allow the quest to continue.
  • None of the objects can be scrapped before the teleportation occurs. They can only be stored by following the quest steps in the reverse order of construction - first remove or detach the power supply, then store each of the objects in turn in reverse order (beam emitter, relay dish, console, platform).
    • If an NPC is interacting with the console even after it has powered down, it will not be possible to store it. To get the NPC to stop interacting with the console, initiate combat with them (they will be marked as Essential, so will not permanently die).
  • After the signal interceptor is used, it will break, and the visibly damaged objects cannot be repaired or stored, only scrapped.
  • When returning to the signal interceptor after the mission has been completed, the beam emitter, the control console, and the reflector platform will all be broken and burnt. However, switching off the generators that powered it, then reactivating them will usually make the blue-white light shown around the top of the beam emitter reappear.
  • All pieces used to create the interceptor can no longer be built after completion of The Molecular Level.
  • If cleared, one of the old house foundations in Sanctuary will provide plenty of flat space to build the entire setup.
  • If the signal interceptor is built at Mercer Safehouse, all required materials will be provided there by the Railroad.
  • If building the signal interceptor at Boston Airport, removing the rugs on the floor might be necessary in order for the reflector platform to snap into the correct position under the beam emitter.