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Rose needs help boosting her signal before she'll trust me. The first thing I need to do is find some signal repeater schematics that were last seen on a Responder's corpse near Seneca Rocks

Signal Strength is a main quest in Fallout 76.


In order to follow Hank Madigan's trail, the Vault Dwellers need to reach the top of the Top of the World. Problem is, a raider named Rose is unwilling to let them access the uplink chamber unless they repair the radio station for her.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

The player character cannot access the top level/third floor of the Top of the World unless they repair the signal being transmitted from the Top of the World's antennae tower. One must first travel to the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center and search the bodies there for signal repeater notes and a signal repeater schematic. Look for Darion Jones, in military fatigues.

The materials need to be collected next, including an RCX01-A39 duplexer at the 98 NAR Regional wreckage near the New Appalachian central trainyard and an SMU-97 transponder at the Horizon's Rest plane crash site. The transponder is located on the cliffs, inside the derelict airliner's pilot's cabin, on the wall. The duplexer is in the overturned red NAR wagon just next to the state route at the crash. Watch out for super mutants at Horizon's Rest and robots at the 98 NAR Regional wreckage, including a Sentry Bot.

Once collected, one must combine the two at any tinker's workbench to create a signal booster. With it in hand, head to the National Isolated Radio Array and mount it in the auxiliary dish to the northeast. A group of robots will spawn. These robots are often a group of Mister Gutsies, usually either lieutenants, majors, or colonels. Several of the Gutsies may be legendary enemies as well, meaning that they will explode a few seconds after death. They also have ballistic weaponry that can down a player character in a few hits due to their high firing rate, usually using .44 or .45 rounds. Super mutants will normally be found at the location as well, including one in the structure where the terminal for rerouting the power is located.

After dealing with the robots, reroute the power, listen to Rose's broadcast now that she's able to send it all over Appalachia, and return to Rose at the Top of the World. She will let them up and allow them to "meet" Hank Madigan. This quest is also mandatory to be able to complete Strange Bedfellows as player characters need to be in Rose's good favor before she'll help them meet with Meg and befriend the Raiders.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Tune into Top of the World Radio SignalI picked up a weak radio signal as I approached the mountains. I should tune in to see if there's any information I can get from it, and more importantly, if I can figure out the source of the broadcast.
Go to the Top of the WorldThe weak radio signal I discovered when approaching the mountains seems to be broadcast from someone named Rose at the Top of the World. I should check it out.
Find the Signal Repeater SchematicRose needs help boosting her signal before she'll trust me. The first thing I need to do is find some signal repeater schematics that were last seen on a Responder's corpse near Seneca Rocks.
Search for an SMU-97 TransponderI found the signal repeater schematic. According to notes left by the Responders, I also need to find specialized radio parts to construct it: a special duplexer from a radio console that was lost in a train crash, and a transponder from a crashed airplane.
Search for an RCX01-A39 Duplexer
Construct the Signal Repeater at Any Tinker's WorkbenchI found all the parts I need to build the signal repeater, I just need to find someplace where I can build it, following the schematics I have.
Go to the National Isolated Radio ArrayNow that I've built the signal repeater, I need to go to the Radio Array and see it I can figure out where to install it.
Install the Signal RepeaterI found the National Isolated Radio Array that Rose was talking about. I need to install the repeater, then I can turn it on.
Divert Power to the RepeaterI've installed the signal repeater at the base of the signal dish. I will need to use a terminal to divert power to it in order to make it work.
Return to Speak with RoseI've installed the signal repeater for Rose and diverted power to it. Her broadcast is now coming in loud and clear. She wants me to see her at the Top of the World.