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Signal Sierra Romeo is a transmission from broadcast tower KT8 located directly north of Little Lamplight and northeast of Vault 87.


Upon activation of the tower, the transmission will begin. Down a cliff northeast of the tower is a drainage chamber which is where the signal originates.

In the chamber, there are two pre-War books, a motorcycle handbrake, a motorcycle gas tank, Pork n' Beans and Sugar Bombs. There are two terminals, one broken and the other with some mixed script with the error of an "invalid decry.key" when activated. On the third desk lies the encryption key. It can be used on the encrypted terminal to open the trap door on the floor to the right.

Downstairs, one will find the ham radio signal source and two dead Chinese remnant spies. In this chamber, there is also a mini nuke, a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, a Chinese commando hat, two bottles of purified water under the desk, and various other objects.

Morse code

The station's message utilizes Morse code, played on a loop via the radio. The Morse code pattern from this tower equates to: CQ CQ CQ DE SR K. The translations are as followed.

Code Abrv Translated
-.-. --.- CQ "Calling all stations, any station"
-.. . DE "From" or "this is""
Varies ## Station's ID
-.- K Invitation to transmit
Name Abrv
Signal Alfa Lima AL
Signal Echo Foxtrot EF
Signal Kilo Bravo KB
Signal Oscar Tango OT
Signal Papa November PN
Signal Sierra Romeo SR
Signal Sierra Victor SV


  • Upon exiting the drainage sewer, an Enclave vertibird passes overhead and is destroyed by a missile launched from a super mutant brute.
  • Items stored in containers here are safe.