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Signal Papa November is a transmission from a broadcast tower located west of Charnel House.


The signal is activated with a switch on a transformer at the base of the tower. The source of the signal is located within a drainage chamber located to the northeast of the tower, through a northern gate, at the base of a small cliff face. Right next to the ham radio is the skeleton of a woman, a pre-War book and a copy of Pugilism Illustrated.

Morse code

The station's message utilizes Morse code, played on a loop via the radio. The Morse code pattern from this towers equates to: CQ CQ CQ DE PN K. The translations are as followed.[Non-game 1]

Code Letter equiv Translated Meaning
-.-. --.- CQ "Calling all stations, any station" A general non-emergency call, indicating that the station is looking for a reply from any station that can hear it.
-.. . DE "From" or "this is"" Identifying the sender, followed by the station's ID or callsign repeated two or three times.
.--. -. PN Station's ID This is where the call sign is broadcast. Two letters long, correspond to station name.
-.- K Invitation to transmit The transmitter will pause and wait for a reply from another station.


Signal Papa November appears in Fallout 3.