Radio Signal Papa November is activated with a switch on a transformer at the base of a broadcast tower located west of Charnel House. This location can be easily found if the Lone Wanderer starts at Smith Casey's garage, goes north-northeast up the hill to the military checkpoint (see Smith Casey's Garage for more info) with a sentry bot, and then follows the road leading to a fenced area which contains the broadcast tower. This is one of nine broadcasting drainage chambers. Judging by the morse code translation, the message is actually asking if anyone is nearby as if the sender were asking "Is anybody out there?"

The source of the signal is located within a drainage tunnel located to the northeast of the tower - essentially straight ahead out of the north gate, at the base of a small cliff face. Right next to the ham radio is the skeleton of a woman, evidently killed violently.

Morse codeEdit

The station transmits:

Morse code:  Translation:  Meaning:
-.-. --.-  CQ  Calling anyone
-.-. --.-  CQ  (repeat)
-.-. --.-  CQ  (repeat)
-.. .  DE  From
.--. -.  PN  Papa November
.--. -.  PN  (The operator's
.--. -.  PN  call sign)
-.-  K  Over

The message is "Calling anyone this is Papa November over", indicating that the radio operator was searching for a reply from anyone listening.

Notable lootEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Papa November was a real spy radio station used by West Germany during the Cold War.


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