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For all radio transmissions, see Fallout 3 radio stations.


Signal Kilo Bravo is a broadcast from the WKML Broadcast Station located southeast of signal Alfa Lima and far south of Fort Constantine.


Inside the station, one will find the activation switch for the radio signal located on the wall to the right, behind the power generators. Following the signal leads the Lone Wanderer to a sealed cistern at the foot of the drop-off, due south of the south corner of the WKML building.

Entering the grate, they find themselves in a short drainage tunnel, blocked at the far end by sandbags. To the right side of the desk is the Explosives Bobblehead that adds 10 points to the Explosives skill. Along with the bobblehead, they will find the following: one RadAway, two bottles of purified water, one stimpak, one Rad-X, a .32 pistol with 5 rounds in a box, a Stealth Boy, a fission battery, and a lunchbox. There is a skeleton next to the ham radio.

Morse code

The station's message utilizes Morse code, played on a loop via the ham radio. The Morse code pattern from this towers equates to: CQ CQ CQ DE KB K. The translations are as followed.[1]

Code Letter equiv Translated Meaning
-.-. --.- CQ "Calling all stations, any station" A general non-emergency call, indicating that the station is looking for a reply from any station that can hear it.
-.. . DE "From" or "this is"" Identifying the sender, followed by the station's ID or callsign repeated two or three times.
-.- -... KB Station's ID This is where the call sign is broadcast. Two letters long, correspond to Kilo Bravo.
-.- K Invitation to transmit The transmitter will pause and wait for a reply from another station.


  • Turning clipping off shows that there is nothing in the rooms past the sandbags that the players can see on their local map.
  • Turning clipping off will also reveal a hidden red 'X' under the sand bags. By right clicking on the object while in the console, the marker has a reference ID named "Radio Signal Kilo Bravo"; the location of the transmission.


Signal Kilo Bravo appears in Fallout 3.


Icon pc.png Entering the grate with Fawkes causes him to get stuck. Dismissing him may fix the issue.