Drainage chamber entrance

Broadcast Tower LP8 is located North-East of Montgomery County Reservoir. Upon activation you receive the Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot in Morse. It is one of nine Drainage Chambers broadcasting such a signal. Just east of the tower is the source, a Sealed Cistern just over the cliff face. Check your local map.

Notable loot

Morse code

The station transmits:

Morse code:  Translation:  Meaning:
-.-. --.-  CQ  Calling anyone
-.-. --.-  CQ  (repeat)
-.-. --.-  CQ  (repeat)
-.. .  DE  From
. ..-.  EF  Echo Foxtrot
. ..-.  EF  (The operator's
. ..-.  EF  call sign)
-.-  K  Listening

So overall it says: "Calling anyone this is Echo Foxtrot listening". Basically, "listening" is actually saying "I am awaiting reply".


  • There is no clue as to the story of the deceased occupant, but it would seem that he or she took shelter in the drainage chamber when the bombs fell. When the walls crumbled and partially caved in, the occupant was buried alive, with only the upper torso and head protruding from the rubble.
  • PCIcon pc There is a red "X" under the ground you can only see using no clipping mode (enter tcl in the console), similar to the other sealed cistern at WKML Broadcast Station.
  • PCIcon pc Again when using the console command 'tcl' players can see that it is not in fact a drainage chamber but instead a possible escape route from train tunnels, there are two train tunnel segments which run parallel to the sealed cistern.


Morse Code

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