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Signal Echo Foxtrot is a transmission from broadcast tower LP8 located northeast of Montgomery County Reservoir.


The drainage chamber is located near the tower to the east, a sealed cistern just over the cliff face. Near the ham radio is a motorcycle handbrake and a motorcycle gas tank alongside a copy of Big Book of Science. The remains of the former occupant can be found protruding from the rubble.

Morse code

The station's message utilizes Morse code, played on a loop via the radio. The Morse code pattern from this towers equates to: CQ CQ CQ DE EF K. The translations are as followed.[1]

Code Letter equiv Translated Meaning
-.-. --.- CQ "Calling all stations, any station" A general non-emergency call, indicating that the station is looking for a reply from any station that can hear it.
-.. . DE "From" or "this is"" Identifying the sender, followed by the station's ID or callsign repeated two or three times.
. ..-. EF Station's ID This is where the call sign is broadcast. Two letters long, correspond to station name.
-.- K Invitation to transmit The transmitter will pause and wait for a reply from another station.


  • There is a red "X" under the ground seen using no clipping mode (tcl in the console), similar to the other sealed cistern at WKML Broadcast Station.
  • When using the console command 'tcl' players can see that it is not in fact a drainage chamber but instead an escape route from the train tunnels. There are two train tunnel segments which run parallel to the sealed cistern.


Signal Echo Foxtrot appears in Fallout 3.