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Sign those permits is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found on the front desk of the ranger district office.


Ranger Simons: Ross, if you don't sign those permits, I'm going to -- to - I don't know what. But I'll do something you don't like.

Ranger Ross: The beaver population is on the verge of collapse.

Simons: What are you talking about?! We had a family of beavers waltzing through our goddamn offices just last week! They are out of control!

Ross: That's because they've been displaced by your flagrant and continued disregard for their habitat. You never should have authorized that camping exhibition. You know those Scout masters are complete morons --

Simons: Takes one to know one.

Ross: - and those boys, don't get me started on how reckless and cruel those little psychopaths-in-training are.

Simons: That's not fair. Hunting and trapping are important skills every boy should learn.

Ross: They eat four course meals out of boxes their robot nannies pull out of nuclear powered microwaves!

Simons: Just sign the damn hunting permits, Ross.

Ross: No.

Simons: Wait - are your recording this?!

Ross: Maybe...

Simons: Damnit! Gimme that.