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If you insist on staying, then you will have to adapt.— Wilzig to Lucy

Doctor Siggi Wilzig is a mysterious scientist and a fugitive of the Enclave in the Fallout TV series.


Siggi Wilzig is an enigmatic researcher who is in the wasteland far up north with a cold climate circa 2296.[2]

He is a scientist working on an unknown experiment. After fleeing with evidence of his experiment, he's lived every moment in fear and hiding. As word of his escape made its way through the wasteland, he has found himself wanted by every faction.

Fallout TV series[]

The Target[]

Wilzig was an Enclave scientist secretly working on cold fusion.[3] While working in the lab, he saved CX404 from being incinerated at birth by lying about her weight and taking her home. When his research and CX404 are discovered, he flees the Enclave with his research, and a bounty is issued for his head.[4]

Lucy encounters Wilzig and the dog CX404 shortly after leaving Vault 33, at a campfire. He attempts to warn her about the dangers of the wasteland while CX404 kills a radroach. After urging her to return to the Vault, he walks off into the night with CX404.[4] In Filly, Wilzig encounters the Ghoul, who claims to be tracking a bounty target whose description resembles Wilzig,[5] and Wilzig loses his left foot in the confrontation.[6][7] Lucy helps save him and the two depart Filly together. Wilzig later reveals to Lucy that he has taken a cyanide pill, instructs her to cut off his head, and tells her to take his head to Lee Moldaver.[4]


Wilzig is a "disenchanted loner with a big heart" who ends up getting involved with some "deep stuff."[8]

He repeatedly expresses concern for Lucy's safety and tries to convince her to return to her Vault. When he sees no other option for the success of his mission except for Lucy to carry his head, he seals his fate by privately ingesting a cyanide pill to spare her the trauma of personally killing him. In his final words to her, he expresses great trust and hope in her abilities.

He harbored great affection for CX404 and was mortified to witness her apparent death at the hands of the Ghoul. CX404 also cared for Wilzig and relentlessly tracked his head after their separation.


Siggi Wilzig is first mentioned in the Fallout TV series first episode "The End", and appears (alive) only in "The Target."

His disembodied head later appears in episodes "The Head", "The Ghouls", "The Past", "The Radio", and "The Beginning".

Behind the scenes[]

Siggi Wilzig shares a name with Siggi B. Wilzig, a holocaust survivor, self-made billionaire, and philanthropist who helped fund the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.



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