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Sierra Petrovita's home is a location in Girdershade. It is the home of Sierra Petrovita in 2277.



Sierra's home is an average wasteland shack with the exception of the red neon Nuka-Cola sign next to the door and a large amount of empty soda bottles around the door.


The interior consists of a bed, an oven and a huge amount of different Nuka-Cola items, such as an antique Nuka-Cola refrigerator, an inflatable Nuka-Cola bottle, a pristine Nuka-Cola machine, Nuka-Cola and Quantum advertising banners, a Nuka-Cola bottle lamp and a Nuka-Cola Clock, all of which are unobtainable. The Nuka-Cola machine is locked and requires a key to open.

Notable loot

  • There are 65 bottles of Nuka-Cola in Sierra Petrovita's House (including on top of the Nuka-Cola machine), 71 if you include the 5 ice cold Nuka-Colas in her fridge and the one she gives you at the end of her tour. If you choose to take them, they must be stolen.


  • Although the Nuka-Cola machine requires a key to open, no such key exists in the game.
  • Sierra's home is included in New Vegas files, but is unused.


Sierra Petrovita's home appears in Fallout 3 and is referenced in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.